Gastroscopy today....petrified!!!

Pam B.
on 8/15/11 1:05 am
Well, today is the day that I go for my gastroscopy and needless to say I am petrified.  I am claustrophobic and I am really scared at how I will cope.  Not to mention that my appt isn't until 3:45 and I am already soooo thirsty.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated to help me get through this.  This has been the test that I have been dreading the most!!
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on 8/15/11 1:09 am - Canada
Honestly Rhoda it is not that bad. I had my test at 230 in the pm which did suck due to nothing including water after midnight. They sedate you so you are relaxed and they spray your throat to freeze it. It doesnt hurt at at. The only part is when they first put the tube past your gag reflex you obviously gag. Once it is past that it is nothing and it is over before you know it. Try not to stress too much and let us know later how you made out.
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Karen M.
on 8/15/11 1:15 am - Mississauga, Canada
Try not to worry too much, Pam.  I too was extremely nervous but was sedated and can't remember a thing about it.



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on 8/15/11 1:17 am
I was completely out during this whole procedure which I think took about 5 minutes. There is no need to be claustrophobic, you are in a regular sized room laying on a stretcher. They spray your throat, I didn't even mind it, didn't taste that bad though others have said it tastes nasty. Everything went numb and then I felt a *****oky, the nurse raised my head for a minute or 2 and I was fine. Then they gave me whatever it was in the IV and that was it, the next thing I know I'm in recovery. I know you posted about this before and several of us told you the procedure so you should have a good idea of what to expect. I hope that this will help in allaying your fears! It'll be over before you know it. Mine was in the late afternoon as well so I was really hungry. Rinse your mouth out to help with dry mouth. Hang in there, it'll be over before you know it.


Pam B.
on 8/15/11 1:38 am
Thanks for the great advice.  Honestly though, I have not posted about this before.  I had posted about plastic surgery but never the gastroscopy.  But I do thank you very much for your information and appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice.
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on 8/15/11 10:01 am
oh sorry, someone else had asked this not too long ago and was also having it done at St. Joes.

So how did it go?


(deactivated member)
on 8/15/11 1:17 am - Canada
It's nothing, I've had three.

They hook you up to an IV, bring you to a gurney and get you comfortable.  Bring you into the procedure room (about the size of a private hospital room), lie you back, get you prepared (mouth guard, etc.) and have you lie on your left side.

The worst part of the procedure is if the doctor uses the freezing spray, which is bitter tasting.

They start the sedation, then the next thing you wake up in recovery all done.

Just relax and go with the flow.  When they tell you NOT to bend over to tie your shoes, DON'T!  You'll be tired and dizzy for a little while afterwards.
on 8/15/11 1:51 am
Just don't let them do it without at least a muscle relaxant or being knocked out !

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RNY on 01/11/12
Hey Rhoda.... let us know how it goes... i'm having both scopes done... so just imagine that eh?? down one end up the other... how wonderful!! yechhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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