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on 10/3/11 2:45 pm
Hey everyone,

just wondering how long was the wait at THW from your psych app to you surgeon and then for a surgery date.
on 10/3/11 8:28 pm - Newmarket, Canada
You should be able to see the surgeon within 2 weeks of the psych appt, they have a meeting about you with the whole team for the final "green light"; then the surgeon appt and surgery is generally 4-6weeks after that, it just depends on the booking times.

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on 10/3/11 10:57 pm
I got a cancellation, so mine was just a couple of days later, but I think you usually will get a call to set an appointment with the surgeon within 2 weeks of your last appointment. As for how quick you get in, it just depends how flexible your schedule is.
Leslie W.
on 10/4/11 12:04 am - Cobourg, Canada
Hi Kathy
Should be in about 2 weeks. Depending which group of surgeons are doing the clinic will depend when you get your surgery date. With a TWH surgeon you will leave with your date. The other 2 sites the surgeon's office will call. St Mikes has a longer wait time.
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on 10/4/11 4:29 am
Thanks for the feedback!
I'm currently in school and am trying to get it done around the christmas break so that I won't have to take to much time away from school. I already let everyone whom I've spoken to know including the mgr of the program at TWH(who might I say is very kind and understanding) but of course the doesn't guarantee anything. Hopefully it works that way...fingers crossed!!