your favourite/first pureed food you had

Pam B.
on 11/25/11 9:44 am
I start pureed food next week and can't decide what to have first!!  I would love to have chili, but am afraid that it might be too much for my stomach to handle after all of this bland stuff I have been eating for the last month!  I have a few other recipes in mind too, but would like to know from others what they had the first time they could eat something other than soup!!  Or if you have a favourite I would greatly appreciate the input.  I have a folder with a lot of recipes for this stage and am having a hard time deciding what to have!!  choices, choices, choices!!

Thanks in advance for sharing!
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on 11/25/11 10:15 am - Canada
I think tuna mixed with greek yogurt and cottage cheese were my two favourites.  The tuna may not have been very near the beginning of purees but I know I ate tuna for a long time as an easy food choice.  I tried potatoes, but even now they just don't agree with me.  Good luck on your journey.  Word of warning, the denser the food, the slower you want to eat and in much smaller amounts.
on 11/25/11 10:21 am
Hi Pam some of my favorite: since I'm still on puree week 3
Tuna / pickle slice x 2 / 1Tbsp l/2 fat mayo/1Tbsp pickle juice/onion pureed in a blender tastes great looks awful...or salmon same mixture. 2 melba toasts


in a crockpot 1 cup steel cut oatmeal 2 1/2 cups boiling water / apple pie spice  cook on high 2 hours (makes enough for several days, but keeps well in fridge)
-reheat in microwave add sugar free maple syrup or carmel SF syrup, or SF apple sauce
-Add a scoop of unflavored protein / or vanilla protein

1% cottage cheese
-add 1 Tbsp salsa
-splash frank's red hot sauce
-lots of pepper

Hope that get's you started. 
ps.  I was able to puree the chili no problem 

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on 11/25/11 10:23 am - Windsor, Canada
 I pureed Shepherds Pie. Since we culd have fish while on the pureed stage I tried Salmon. It did not stay down. The dietician said it was too fatty of a fish so I ate alot of Haddock. Best of luck to you.
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(deactivated member)
on 11/25/11 10:24 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
My first day of puree was almost 6 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

B - cream of wheat and apple sauce

L - pureed black bean soup

D - made a pot roast and pureed myself some with just the broth before I made gravy with it and pureed some veggies as well.

They all tasted like heaven and I can't stand cream of wheat.
on 11/25/11 10:31 am, edited 11/24/11 10:32 pm
I was happy with stew and I also liked black bean soup with a dollop of greek yogurt
Monica M.
on 11/25/11 10:53 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
greek yogurt wiht a bit of agave syrup was a fave, so was oatmeal.

try refried beans, they're less spicy and more mushy than chili.

try bland, work up to spicier/tastier
Lorraine M.
on 11/25/11 12:31 pm - Canada
Spicy has never bothered me so my first and favourite puree was my homemade chili with ground beef, red and green peppers, onions, small mexican red kidney beans, tomatoes (seasoned canned and fresh), chili powder, sprinkle chili peppers, garlic powder, oregano and fresh thyme. After cooked (and some was frozen for later) I put it in the cuisinart to blend it. It was delish (yummy) still love it but dont puree any more.

ps I got really sick of soup as I didnt have a good homemade version and the canned ones were so high in sodium (not good for high blood pressure).  Enjoy, puree was such a treat after all those liquids.


on 11/25/11 9:13 pm - Canada
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