on 1/15/12 6:46 am - Canada
Hi All I was wondering if Elizabeth is still Around she had her surgery around the same time mid 2009 and lived in Thorold - was having some issues with stalkers on here...I would love to see how she is doing...
Diane  - Dave's wife
Bonnie ABC
on 1/15/12 7:30 am - Smiths Falls, Canada
RNY on 09/16/08 with
 I haven't seen her post here in a long time, but she is on my facebook.


   I can do hard things, life is teaching me that I can.
             Lost 222lbs with rny, 20 lbs regain.
                        Plastics, July 2010 with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey, Mexico
Joyce J.
on 1/15/12 9:12 pm - Scarborough, Canada
Hi there

Nice to see you posting. Same as Bonnie though, haven't seen Elizabeth on here, but she is on FB. I can pass on a message if you want to send me a PM

Take care

Joyce----Today is the first day of the rest of your life


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