Costco pre-made Premier Protein Shakes

on 8/22/13 1:06 am

I love the chocolate Premiere Protein Shakes (please don't judge).

Costco now sells vanilla.  I like it, but it's a little bit boring.

For those that "like" Premiere Protein shakes, please share with me what you use to add additional flavour.  I have added decaf coffee crystals and it's pretty good.



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on 8/22/13 3:54 am

I won't judge you.  I have at least one Premier Choc protein shake each and every day, and sometimes 2.  One of the best, most palatable ways for me to meet my protein needs.  Tons of protein recipes on line.  Anything that can be mixed with vanilla protein powder will work with a pre-made vanilla shake.  Just google it.

on 8/22/13 4:28 am

Yea, I have at least one every day... two if I need a chocolate fix at the end of the day :-)

Thanks for the tip

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on 8/22/13 4:03 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Why would anybody judge you for liking a protein shake?  I hate them myself but sure don't judge anybody that enjoys them. 

Now to your other question, why not blend the vanilla with some frozen strawberries or raspberries or add in some cocoa if you prefer them chocolatey, you could also add in some SF syrups if you have any.  I have a SF pumpkin pie one that I really like in my vanilla shakes.  Cinnamon in the vanilla usually changes it up nicely too as do any of the flavours from the baking aisle.  My favs are banana or coconut and just a few drops and then shake it up and it's a change in flavour.

on 8/22/13 4:31 am

my (judge) comment was meant as comical sarcasm... I guess it didn't read as well as it did in my mind LOL

I haven't tried any SF syrups, but I hear good things about them.  I have cinnamon in the pantry, I will give it a try. 

Thanks for the tips :-)

on 8/22/13 4:32 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 11/06/12
I drank the chocolate for 8 months then vanilla came out . Im in love with Vanilla and I have one a day sometimes two depends on my protein in take. No judgment at all . we all like something different no big deal. I like them so who cares lol

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on 8/22/13 4:35 am

I'm so glad to hear that there are people out there that like them as much as I do... Thanks for the reply

Julia P.
on 8/22/13 5:20 am - Canada
RNY on 10/16/12

I love the chocolate, too, but hate the vanilla! I like mine with a tablespoon of PB2 (powdered peanut butter that is much lower in cals/fat than regular peanut butter).  Or I like putting a 1/3 of a cup of frozen berries in it, along with some ice cubes, to make a fruity/chocolately milkshake.

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on 8/22/13 5:26 am

sounds yummy... I love the chocolate on it's own but that sounds like heaven :-)


on 8/22/13 7:23 am - Brampton, ON, Canada
RNY on 10/15/13
where do you get powdered peanut butter?

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