on 12/2/13 12:37 am - Canada
VSG on 10/30/13

Well I got through three weeks without a stall but it ha**** me at week 4 instead.  I haven't weighed myself since last week and today at the doctors I found out I have actually gained a pound :( Here's to hoping it is just fluid.  I think I will wait another week before weighing again and hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised with a loss.


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on 12/2/13 12:46 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

You may just be retaining water or usually in my case i just need a good clean out. YOu will probably find you will continue to lose inches





on 12/2/13 12:55 am



I only weigh 2x .week now and do measurements weekly :) makes it easier to take a great loss of 1.8lbs than a tiny down or up, that was frustrating :)


Good luck...u will do great!

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on 12/2/13 8:58 am

I hit my stall around 7 weeks.  I stalled for just under two weeks.  I did as you said and just avoided the scale for a week since I knew I was stalling.  Then when I got back on, I was down a pound and I have not had a second stall, knock on wood


Katie M.
on 12/2/13 11:40 am - Georgetown, Canada
RNY on 10/18/13

I hit a stall week 3 and am stalled out again week 6 - it seems to be tied to my period/fluid retention. Today I am up a pound, in week 3 there was a day I gained 2 pounds! But during these little rest periods I lose inches like crazy. Try on some clothes at the end of this week that were a bit tight before and see if they are fitting a little better :)

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