Any suggestions? Am trying to donate cpap equipment

on 2/8/14 10:23 pm - Toronto, Canada

Since I no longer have sleep apnea I am trying to donate my used equipment to a community or social agency Toronto in order to assist another person, so far no luck - has anyone else been in this situation? If so, please pass along any helpful suggestions you may have. It is also listed for sale at a low price on Kijiji but that has only garnered spam responses. Thanks 



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on 2/8/14 10:47 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/07/12

How low is the price you've set on it on Kijiji?  I ask because as you know, OHIP covers 75% of the cost of a new machine (but won't pay at all for a used one), and the person will have to buy their own mask since they have to fit your nose or face, and probably tubes too since yours have been used, and I wouldn't think they would be easy to sterilize.  And a new mask costs a lot of money to buy separately, I think. So unless you're asking an extremely low price, it's probably not worth buying one second-hand and having to buy new accessories for it.

I'll be giving my CPAP machine to my husband since it's newer than his.  All he has to do is buy a new mask for it since his old one is already old and getting worn out, and his benefits plan at work will cover that cost, and get my machine calibrated to him - which should be easy to do since he needs a new sleep study anyhow.

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on 2/8/14 11:09 pm - Toronto, Canada

Thanks so much for the helpful reply; the price is $50.00 and includes FIsher Paykel sleep style 200 series ambient tracking, 2 res med Quattro mirage masks size medium, and travel case as well as a small mesh case for 1 of the masks and 2 velvet bags, the power cord, manual, hose ( which as you say would need to be replaced), funnel - the water chamber needs to  be replaced but is included so that the person can source another one. Again, thanks for this useful information.



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on 2/8/14 11:12 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/07/12

Wow, that is a low price.  Well, hopefully you'll get a taker on it.  Or that you'll find an organization that accepts used ones for donation.  I've often wondered myself what happens to old CPAP machines that people don't need anymore. Probably doesn't happen that often since I think most people who end up with sleep apnea aren't usually cured of it (since losing a huge amount of weight is not the norm), and they use their machines until they wear out and have to buy a new one.

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on 2/11/14 12:15 pm - Toronto, Canada

I don't have a problem with you giving away or selling your cpap equipment but apparently selling your CPAP equipment is illegal as it was prescribed to you and you alone - it is like you trying to sell drugs you no longer need. I don't know if OHIP goes after you but they monitor this board so please be careful.


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on 3/25/18 6:12 am

I stumbled across this post while searching for info on where to donate my old CPAP machine. Thought I might share what I've found in case someone may need the info in future.

Canadian Red Cross. A bit vague so you may have to contact the office for your province. -in-canada/health-equipment-loan-program/health-equipment-do nations

Canadian Disability Resources Society. Offers free online classified ads to post your equipment as well as assistance for those needing equipment. Will give tax receipts. pment

This site has listings for places that accept used CPAP equipment. Most are in the US, some will pay for shipping, some want you to pay. Some offer tax receipts. onate-my-used-cpap-equipment-machine-supplies/

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on 2/8/14 11:48 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Someone posted a few years ago that they donated it to the local hospital.  You could call around to see if any of yours take donations or you could call your sleep clinic or provider to find out if they know of anyone that will accept donations.  I know my provider use the masks that get exchanged in the first 30 days to give to people that can't afford them.  They autoclave them and then they are as good as new but not able to sell as new.

on 2/8/14 11:59 pm - Toronto, Canada

Thank you for the reply, my sleep clinic's only suggestion was online resale. I will contact the equipment provider per your suggestion, that might work best



Eileen C.
on 3/2/14 3:29 am - Cornwall, Canada
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I just posted a request for a friend that was told that she now needs a machine as she had a sleep test done and is on a fixed budget and cannot afford a machine, I was wondering after being told to check out your post, if your machine was still available?

I have not contacted my friend yet about your post as she may still not be able to afford the $50 either that you are asking for your machine.

And of course if you would be able to sell it to someone would be ideal in your case.

So let me know and then I can tell my friend and she could contact you about the machine if it is still available etc



Depending on your answer as to whether you have sold it or not, would depend on whether she could afford to purchase it from you, so let me know one way or another if you don't mind.

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on 3/2/14 5:24 am - Toronto, Canada

thanks for your interest and the effort to help your friend.  my machine is no longer available. best regards,



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