Shrnkin Butterfly
on 7/8/19 11:44 am
RNY on 02/19/19

Hello everyone. I had my first follow up after surgery on June 20th. My vitamin D is still low but has improved since last blood work. Nurse told me they expected 26% of weight loss at that point and I had lost 46% which I found amazing coming from them as I myself felt I could have lost more.

So now, I've been stuck. I' ve lost 2 lbs since then and I'm so frustrated. My hair is falling off like crazy I'm afraid I wi be bald soon! I did tell the nurse and she told me to take zinc for 2 months and it might help. She told me biotin will do nothing.

How long have you all been at at stall? How long did it last for you? I want that scale to start moving again! On a positive note I haven't gained.

I'd appreciate any tips or anything that can help get over this stall. Thank you in advance.?

Diminishing Dawn
on 7/11/19 2:01 pm - Windsor, Canada

Considering how much you lost and what is expected, it only seems normal for your body to stall at this point. It needs to self correct so that you aren't listing too fast. Just keep doing what you are doing and keep off the scale for a while.

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