Hair loss...

on 12/23/19 6:50 am

Tell me it eventually STOPS.... I've lost two-thirds of my hair - thankfully I had a lot of hair to begin with but still losing - and am devastated .... My braid (one braid) is literally smaller than what I used to make THREE braids with - particularly around my hairline in the front it's so sparse! I am taking biotin, not sure if it is helping or not. Any other suggestions?

White Dove
on 12/23/19 8:47 am - Warren, OH

Mine was still bad after two years. Most people's comes back after about six months. One day my hair stylist came to my door with a bag of products. They were Nioxin and it worked for me, but still took about six months of using the products before my hair was no longer thin.

Biotin did not grow any hair on my head, but i had a lot grow on my face and had to have full face waxings several times before I realized that it was the biotin and threw it away.

This is just my experience. I would not have spent the money on the Nioxin because I thought it was too expensive, but when it was given to me, i used it and was glad I did.

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on 12/23/19 1:53 pm

It's really upsetting :( - thanks for the reply - I am going to look for Nioxin - not sure where I would find it but I will look! I'm going in February to get my hair cut which is in itself a bit traumatic - My hair is past my hips and will get it cut to my shoulders - just angry I didn't cut it before the hair loss started as it would have been a great contribution to Angel Hair for Kids (which my daughters and I have contributed to before).

on 1/27/20 2:26 pm - Canada

I am over 2 years out from surgery and still struggle with my hair loss. I'm glad I ran across this thread. Picked up Nioxin from Costco yesterday. $35 for a 1L shampoo and conditioner.

on 6/21/22 7:33 pm
VSG on 06/08/21

I bought it also/ I didn't grow my hair back but maybe it didn't thin anymore...I don't know...

White Dove
on 12/23/19 8:32 pm - Warren, OH

The technical name for it is telogen effluvium.

It usually resolves after about six months. You can google the term for more information.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 12/24/19 5:17 am

thank you for the information - really helpful - just googled it. I definitely have "acute telogen effuvium ... I'm just 6 months out from surgery (which was June 11 of this year)- so keeping fingers crossed it stops SOON. Silly, but my hair has always been my security blanket (which in itself is an issue I guess!)- as I've always been blessed with long, wavy really thick hair - having this pathetic thin trailing hair is just so far out of my comfort zone! I'm going to bite the bullet and cut to just above my shoulders after Xmas and hope it starts to come back! In the interim, definitely going to look for that Nioxin you recommended. Happy Holidays!

on 12/25/19 12:17 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

Still losing almost 2 years out.

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White Dove
on 12/27/19 3:25 pm - Warren, OH

At almost 2 years out, Nioxin will probably be a sure thing for you. The opening at the hair follicles become blocked and new hair dies instead of coming out. The Nioxin will clear that blockage and let new hairs grow out.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 12/28/19 5:30 am

where do you get it?? I definitely want to get some, the hair loss is really doing a number on me .... I am going ahead and in a month or so will get my hair cut which is in itself is traumatic ... but will deal! I will donate what I get cut so there is ome good out of it. Thin or not, it will be a longer braid.

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