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on 5/6/21 10:35 am, edited 5/6/21 5:46 pm
Topic: RE: Fast tracking the Process of getting the COVID-19 shot being a WLS candidate or Obese

It?s April 2021, and sometimes I need to remind myself that obesity is classed as comorbidity? I?m not sure if it?s denial or issues with my own mortality, but when I look in the mirror I think of myself as just being overweight. What?s the reason for the statement, you ask? With current world issues (COVID-19) I was content waiting for my for my number to be called for the shot, I completely understand the reasoning behind prioritizing frontline workers and the venerable. But upon receiving an email from a concerned loved one, it was brought to my attention that due to my weight issues (being obese) I could skip the line and get my shot. I?ve posted a video documenting my personal experience getting the first of two COVID-19 shots in Ontario. Please watch and let?s talk about it.

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on 4/28/21 1:40 pm
Topic: RE: Scheduled for surgery on April 19, VSG, but feeling pressured into having RNY

I'm late to the party... I see you posted your question on the 6th and your surgery is on the 19th I am curious to know what pathway you decided to go with. I'm going to share my opinion and experience with you anyways, please keep in mind I am not a medical professional and this is just an opinion. I'll start with some background information; my name is Charlie and I had RNY surgery with UHN (Toronto Western) August 8th 2020; male 6'1 and pre surgery I was approx. 417lbs (BMI of approx. 50) but you can do the math. Based on my personal experience with the program I was very happy with which my care as a patient was handled. Pre COVID my family DR. noticed my weight (which isn't hard at 4 bills) and informed me about the weight loss programs Ontario has to offer. The first Program being with the Wharton Weight Loss medical clinic (Where you count calories, see councillors, and do weekly weight in) the second offer was weight loss surgery (but with a waitlist of at least 2 years) Now, I lucked out! Because while I was still on the fence about weight loss surgery... I was enrolled in the Wharton program and placed on the waiting list for WLS (Now if my number was called and I had lost my excess weight with the weight loss clinic or if I decided that I changed my mind) I could opt out. Upon agreeing to do WLS with UHN, they set me up with a team! Prior to surgery I had to meet and speak with a psychologist, nutritionist, dietitian, and finally the Surgeon. Pre COVID I had to attend information classes, meet with my assigned team prior and after surgery for reporting and follow up. I believe twice a month they even had support groups setup. Now, to answer your question during my information session they advised that everyone is different... they presented the pros/cons to the different surgeries RNY vs. Sleeve and then closed with... based on your personal medical history they would make the best decision on your behalf (I'm speaking about the types of surgeries one could have) not once was anything mentioned about strict OHIP legistation regarding the procedures. I trusted with the information I provided as medical professionals they were making the best decision on my behalf. Due to COVID my surgery was also pushed back from its original date, and at the time I had no idea that my surgery would be taking place on the 8/8/2020. Eight months deep and I feel Human, I don't think the RNY is bad all I personally would have chosen this pathway if I were given the option. 8 month deep and down approx. 80lbs I have a youtube channel where I go more in depth about my experience. I hope in my ramble I was able to help, all the best in your journey. I am always around if you need someone who understands to chat with.

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on 11/28/20 9:41 am
Topic: RE: Mississauga Support Group??

Wow! it's so nice reading that groups exist so close to me! I am just in Oakville... I wi**** wasn't COVID now, so I could all of you wonderful people. My name is Charlie, and I have been vloging my journey on youtube. check out my video and share your opinions! look forward to chatting with everyone

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