Happy New Year, Friends!

on 12/31/18 5:24 pm

Happy New Year to all of our senior members! Hahahahahaha i have a birthday in 11 days and i feel OLDER already!

This weekend marks two months since my VSG and i am so excited to start the new year thinner! I gained a couple pounds over Christmas but i am back on track (and tracking) today and feeling wonderful!

I pray all of you are blessed with HEALTH AND PEACE throughout 2019!



on 1/1/19 6:03 pm

Happy New Year to you too Susan!

And an early Happy Birthday! Obviously with your surgery and weight loss you are getting better with age!

I had my appointment with my PCP and gained 3 pounds over the holidays. I actually thought I gained more bc of all the carbs in addition to straying from my meal plan.

I have been back on plan since last Friday. And actually feel alot better & focused.

My hope for everyone is also for peace and good health.

Take care.



Nancy B
on 1/23/19 9:45 am - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Happy New Year, ladies!

I am in treatment for my 3rd breast cancer diagnosis...I'm doing much better than expected with aggressive bc. Each day is a blessing. It's darned cold here and I struggle staying warm due to anemia and I am on the cusp of requiring blood transfusions to get my blood built back up. Regardless, all is well. I am at my lowest weight in years, down 154 pounds. I focus on tiny meals thru the day, of high protein...cheese, yogurt, bone broth soup, etc to stay healthy. It's difficult to eat as the chemotherapy treatments have killed my taste buds and I cannot taste a thing...but the silver lining of it all is that my clothes are getting way too big on my.....yayy! One more chemo to go and I have many GOOD days so I remain positive and upbeat for the most part. I will beat this.

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on 1/24/19 6:03 am

Hello Nancy!

Long time...no hear!

I am so sorry to hear you are back in the fight with breast cancer! I am a uterine cancer survivor who only required surgery. It amazes me what others go thru when diagnosed with more serious and/or aggressive cancers. People know chemo and radiation are hard, but often don't know the long term affects they cause.

Your attitude is so upbeat it is inspiring! I will pray that you are soon dancing with NED.

Also congratulations on your all time low weight, but it sounds like you are paying a price for it.

Take care.



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