Gone but not forgotten

on 4/26/22 12:26 pm - Interlochen, MI

I've been off this site for years, but decided to check back in to see if any of the 'old' OFF'ers were still on here. I have most of my old off friends as friends on FB so didn't really feel the need to come back on here. I'm almost 13 years out (July 16, 2009) and have never looked back, nor regretted my decision to do RNY. As of this morning I'm still down 112# and haven't fluctuated more than 10#'s either way. I have pretty much learned not to over eat, however on occasion I goof and feel miserable. Not often tho. I've encouraged people to explore their options and have seen some great successes. Just wanted to check in and say Don't give up. Follow directions and you will certainly succeed. Best of luck to you all.

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