Will be released today

on 3/23/12 4:15 pm - Israel
As it is the Sabbath and no public transportation until the evening...
Docs cannot find a reason for my pain--maybe upset tummy or strained muscle. I still think something is wrong but how much can you fight the system?
I did a CT and the written results are based on my original medical complaints when I was admitted. I will be given the disc to be able to show my GP. I imagine colonoscopy is still a given and to do the US for inguinal hernia but I will also ask my GP to add to US request my mid-abdominal scar too as it itches and at the top it hurts under the sternum.
And then back to my appeal for Plastics in the hope I can still have it as planned and not have to take out a loan.
Mikimi in Israel
on 3/23/12 8:57 pm - San Jose, CA
I'm so sorry things have been so rough for you! I hope you find some answers soon and I'm here if you want to chat.


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on 3/23/12 9:14 pm - Israel
Thanks my dear,
I'm not in any excruciating pain Thank GD but annoying.
Of course with all my abdo ops adhesions would be likely.
In any case there have already been two doc rounds today and the first one told me I could leave and then second rounds two hours after with one of the heads whom after examining my abdomen said I should stay until tomorrow morning and leave at a normal time. I wish I had answer for the pain.
I would like to be home in my own bed and tv and recliner and see my GP to fight and appeal for my plastics -time is passing by quickly.
I can't call to out of Israel on my mobile but I am ever so grateful for my iPhone at times like these!
Mikimi in Israel
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