Please respond to my postings. Need the info

on 4/8/12 7:16 am
Ok guys, don't make me beg. I really need the info. Please respond to my two postings. Someone out there has had to have had the bloating problem.

Thank you
on 4/8/12 7:55 am - Westchester, NY
 I may be wrong, put perhaps the only person who can answer your question is your doctor. Go to your plastic surgeon when you are bloated and demonstrate what happens to you. I'm not exactly clear where you are bloating. I get severe gas very frequently, but with my lower body lift and weight loss, I can't SEE what I am feeling anywhere, i.e., my clothes don't get tighter, my midsection doesn't swell. In terms of stitches, I had the least problem with stitches in the front because we usually bend forward -- but the extent to which you bloat, if you are not exaggerating, the surgeon needs to see it. And there must be a doctor that can find a way to help you with this bloating thing?  Best of luck.

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on 4/9/12 4:19 am - NJ
DS on 10/15/07 with
Yes i have alot of bloating, if I eat the wrong things. To the point where its very uncomfortable against my tightened stomach muscles...I had to pinpoint the items that cause bloating...gluten, carbs and sugar. I have also done several rounds of flagyl over my 4 years of having my DS. I also take a good probiotic, this helps alot. But while your healing, avoid problem foods and take a good probiotic. Some people also take flagyl in lower doses long term...I dont recommend that though. Best of luck
on 4/10/12 9:18 am
Thank you so much. I stoped smoking a week ago and have been eliminating any foods that make me bloat even the slightest. I could have never had the surgery if the doc did not put me on the flagyl.

on 4/9/12 8:12 am - San Jose, CA
What Pauliegirl said.. she's right on target.

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