Too soon????

on 8/30/12 3:19 pm
I had a VSG in April 11, so far I have lost 91lbs. I have another 10-15lbs I would like to lose. I have been scheduled for a panni on Nov 12th. I feel that I can get at least 10 more lbs off. Am I jumping into this too soon. I don't feel that I am. I am really excited, but I have people questioning me "your having surgery again" they make me seem like some kinda of surgery junkie. P.S I want to get a breast lift also, but Kaiser will only do 1 surgery at a time so I will have to have that done next year.  Maybe I am a surgery junkie???


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on 8/30/12 3:33 pm - Granada Hills, CA
When you start going in for your 2nd or 3rd nose job (for a nose that was fine to begin with) - then I'll call you a surgery junkie.

Excess skin is not a simple and purely cosmetic procedure that we get removed for fun or because we just want some pain meds - you have totally legit reasons for doing a panni removal and a BR in the future - nevermind all those people questioning you! - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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on 8/30/12 3:43 pm
Thanks, I usually don't care what people say, but just wanted some feedback from people who are kinda in the same boat as me.


H.W 270 S.W 252 C.W 195 G.W 170

J G.
on 8/30/12 10:21 pm
forget these people - they are not walking in your shoes. 

Congrats on your great weight loss! 
Shelly C.
on 8/30/12 11:42 pm - Alameda, CA
Most doctors want you at a steady weight for a year befor PS, because your results are not instant, and will change if you loose too much weight after it is done. I waited a year and a half.
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on 8/31/12 5:27 pm - Hackensack, NJ
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I agree with Shelly.  I reached goal after a year, but fluctuated a while before I was able to maintain +/- 5 lbs.  I would recommend waiting at least until yr 2 to make sure you don't lose anymore or gain (god forbid).  I was extremely anxious to get it done, but I didn't want to throw the price of a car out the window!

As for the "junkie" situation, don't listen to those ppl.  They don't know how it feels to live with saggy skin...
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