Day Surgery Local Anesthetic Dog-Ears Breast

on 10/11/13 8:52 pm - Israel
I know I've posted about this before but my date for this procedure is coming up on 22 October. Protocol for this hospital is to do certain blood tests (did them already) chest X-ray and EKG.
I am nervous about it and home my ps will talk to me during the procedure.
The dog-ears feel like rope knots on the outer edge of my breasts where the vertical bra seam is. This cause discomfort and minor pain. My breast lift was 30/07/12.
Has anyone else had in-office or day surgery with a local anesthetic procedure?
Mikimi in israel
on 10/12/13 12:21 am
I had a spot on my TT fixed with a local. The worst part was the shot to get numb. It realllllly stung. The fixing wasn't painful...but I could feel the pressure of him cutting. I had to really consider if I was feeling pressure or actual cutting and I realized it was just the pressure.

I did get a little light headed but a cool cloth helped. Good luck!!
on 10/12/13 12:52 am - Israel
Thanking for your answer.
Did you have to wear the binder again?
Did you take a Valium beforehand?
I still after more than two years (tt was August 2011) my left hip gets numb.
I'm hoping the ps will be super-nice and talk to me during the procedure.
I know it is supposed to be a simple thing bug in the past I have healed with problems.
I would be happy to talk with you on the phone on my dime if you are willing.
on 10/12/13 3:07 am
I didn't have to wear the binder again. I actually ran a 5k a few days later. . I did get this crazy rash due to some tape but that was it.

No Valium. I actually didn't expect to have it done and was only planning on having a "piece of meat" (as my son called it) removed. It was like a dog ear on the end of my TT scar.

I hope your ps is a kind, talkative type! I imagine it must be hard not to get to choose. I hope there are no healing issues for you as we'll!!! I have a nice bond with my ps after dealing with the seromas I had in my thighs. I saw him nemerous times and am happy he will be soon my next round in November.
on 10/12/13 5:26 am - Israel
I am quite I will have the same ps for this procedure as did my TT and BL.
When my breast opened on the areola a different ps stitched me but here it is removing too.
I have Valium on script as a sleep aid to help me to relax before bed. I do not take it every night as I sometimes work a night-shift (as a caretaker for an elderly lady) so I would not want to be drowsy. I am also going alone on public transportation.
The ps might also try to remove the extra side blubber if he can.
In spite of my wound healing difficulties I still fantasize having my inner thighs done but without HMO coverage or not winning a lottery, it ain't gonna happen.
on 10/13/13 11:50 am

What is your next round?

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on 10/13/13 2:57 pm

At the very least a back lift.  I want part of my tt scar lowered and my right implant fell lower than expected (that will be fixed). I meet with my surgeon Thursday and we will see what we come up with. I suspect I will likely end up cut almost 360.  Thighs turned out great...and I have decided that I would rather have slightly flappy arms vs the scars.  I was thinking of having a butt lift with cuts under the butt, however, I decided against that but plan to explore fat injections....ugh!  I keep thinking I should do this while I am "young" and just age "normally"...I can recover easier now and , well at this point in time money isn't an issue, might as well eh?

How are you feeling?!?!?

on 10/12/13 10:27 am - Senatobia, MS

Good luck on your upcoming surgery Mimi.  I am so glad that you are finally going to be able to get those dog ears fixed.


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on 10/13/13 11:51 am

I am glad that you are finally getting your revision! Good luck!!!

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