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on 2/7/14 12:03 am - CALGARY, Canada

Finally getting my thighs done on Tuesday 2/11  Did anyone who have it go home with any drains, and how long before you had to follow up with your PS?  I know I can ask it tuesday before the surgery but the surgery location is 2 hours south of here and I would like to be as well informed as I can be.  His receptionist is a bit of a ditz, Im not alone in my thinking, I looked up the PS on rateadoc and everyone but everyone had really bad comments about her.  I feel really bad for that.  But am still really excited to finally this summer God willing wear a bathing suit and not feel mortified.



on 2/7/14 1:06 am

I had a thigh lift about a year and a half ago.  I had a drain in each leg located on the inside of my knee.  My surgery was on a Friday and my followup was scheduled for about a week and a half later.  My drains had fairly long tubes so pinning them to various pieces of clothing was easy.  I could easily hide them in loose fitting pants.

on 2/7/14 1:11 am - TX

I have my pre-op on Monday, so I'll let you know what I pick up.  From what I remember in our initial discussion, yes, there are drains.  I expect follow-up is at the one week mark.  I have a long list of questions to ask on Monday myself!

on 2/7/14 2:45 pm - Honolulu, HI

I had a thigh lift and did not have drains.  I went back a week after my surgery and again in two months.  I swim almost every day and since the incisions are on the inside of my thighs so one even notices the scars.  Good luck.

on 2/9/14 7:41 am, edited 2/9/14 7:45 am

My surgeon is two hours south of where I live as well.

I did come home with drains, and all I had to do was empty them and keep records of how much fluid came out of each. 

I had one incision dehisc, which is almost closed.

My surgery is being staged, due ot the amount of skin I have to remove, so I just got the front/inner thighs done this time.

Next will be the back/outer (hip) and thigh area, then the third stage,  where everything will be tightened upwards.

My initial surgery was December 27th, and I'm still following with my surgeon, due to the complications.

Without complications, I'm guessing it would be closer to just until the stitches and staples are removed, probably two to three weeks.

I can tell you for sure you will have longitudinal scars on both inner thighs, and possible scars in or near your groin area, probably just below where your leg meets your torso. 

The scars all depend on the technique the surgeon uses, and your own personal genetics.  Plastics guys/gals make beautiful scars - very thin, and if they don't spread, over time, they will barely be noticable.  However, that depends on what kind of healer you are.

I am prone to hyperpigmentation and keloids.  In the past, I have had cortisone shots directly into scars from other surgeries, to flatten them (not as bad as it sounds, really!) , and have used Rx skin lighetning cream after the scar fades on its own a bit.

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on 2/10/14 4:23 am - TX

Had my preop today, and here's what I picked up:

Thighplasty is less painful that LBL because no muscles involved; yes, there will be drains - either 2 or 4 depending on what he thinks is necessary, and they should be out in a week; compression garment is the same as for the LBL (Marena stage one), only it comes down to the mid-calf level on the legs, and I should expect to stay in it for 6 weeks; legs and feet are likely to swell a lot for the first 3 weeks, then slowly get better; pain relief is the same as the LBL (lortab, valium); whenever you do 2 sides of your body, the healing is uneven, so don't be surprised if one side swells more, zings more, is slower to heal; incisions - he does internal dissolvable sutures  and glue for the surface.  The incisions will be pulled tight and raised, but they will flatten out over time.

Best of luck tomorrow!

on 2/11/14 1:54 pm

for me, my thigh lift was the only painful part of 9 plastics procedures.  The LBL was a breeze, no pain at all and I had the Anchor Cut TT with it.  My thigh lift involved massive lipo and that was the painful part.  Recovery for a Thigh Lift is tricky and wearing a compression garment made for post op patients was key to keeping all of my swelling down and incisions closed.

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on 2/10/14 5:44 am - CALGARY, Canada

Thanks so much for the reply. Its sorta what I thought.  Im glad to know its less painful than thr lbl  I have been stressing so freaking much about it. I appreciate your info and good luck with yours. Ill keep you posted on mine.  Thanks again so much


on 2/10/14 6:16 am

Many of us patients have tolerated the less than ideal administrative staff at our plastic surgeons' practices. It is such an aggravation when you are self paying big bucks! So don't feel that you are alone in that regard. As for the thigh lift, I had mine done with three other procedures back in October. I had no drains or compression garments. My surgeon saw me every morning in the care center, where I stayed for 5 days. I had a long stay owing to I am an out of state patient who was travelling alone; I had to be well enough to take care of myself on my own at the hotel. Then I saw him in his office at 1-week post op and 2-weeks post op. I had virtually no pain with my thigh lift and the incision went to my knees, and up to my LBL incicion, around the groin crease and back towards the buttocks along my vulva. I suggest a toilet seat riser, female urinal, and slip on shoes as you will not be able to bend a lot at first. Good luck!!! I absolutely love my thighs now!

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