Panniculectomy Medical Insurance Approval

Mahalo F.
on 1/29/21 1:59 pm, edited 1/31/21 6:30 am

Hello everyone!

It has been sometime since I posted on this website. I had Gastric Bypass Roux-En-Y in January 2017. I have lost 130 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for the last 31/2 years. I look and feel great! The gastric bypass bypass was life-changing for me.

I have had a consult with a plastic surgeon. He put in all the paperwork for the panniculectomy. Ultimately, I?m going to have a complete abdominalplasty. Pay the difference. The problem is OHIP initially denied the authorization to cover cost. My panni hangs half over my mons pubis (mons Venus). I hated how it sits in my lap while on the toilet. I have had rash/excoriation & odour. I have purchased just about every over the counter sprays and powders to keep the area clean. Without too much success. I wear compression panties to hold it in but that is ultimately causing irritable bowel from the intestinal compression.

I can?t wait to look down and see my Mons Pubis TMI

I have gone back to see the surgeon.



I submitted a very well written appeal letter. Submitted a letter from my general practitioner and a letter from the weight management clinic that initially referred me to the plastic surgeon.
Great news!! I finally got approval. I upgraded to a full abdominalplasty. I am paying for half. I am very excited and can?t wait. My surgery is in 3 weeks, February 19th. 2021. I am a little bit anxious as I am a widow. Two of my sons are away at school. Just me and my 14-year-old at home now.

Looking for advice. The dos and don?ts before and after tummy tuck... Looking for recommendations that helps you through the process. What did you do and would do differently? If you were to do it again? What would you do differently?
Hoping everything goes well.

I have done quite a bit of research online. Just looking for additional feedback.

Thank you


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Leslie W.
on 3/19/21 8:39 pm - Cobourg, Canada

I don't come here often as not to many post here anymore. Hope your surgery went well and you are taking care of yourself. Just remember to give yourself a time to heal and keep your protein up

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jessica Q.
on 4/23/21 6:49 am - el cajon, CA

Would love update on your progress. How much was difference? what did insurance cover?

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Mahalo F.
on 4/24/21 11:12 am

Hello Jessica

I am sorry I haven't been back here since I posted as there wasn't any feed back on the site.

since we went very well. February 19, 2021. I am currently eight weeks post TT, MR, mons & upper thigh lift.

I was referred by Weight Management Clinic 2018
I am (4) years post GASTRIC BYPASS RNY
Lost 140 lbs
Upgraded to TT & MR, mons & upper thigh lift.
$6215 price quoted 2 1/2 years ago. The rest was covered by OHIP
It wasn't easy!
A very long process

Very pleased with my results!

Life changing

Roux En Y - Jan. 4, 2017

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