So I'm Waiting Hungry and Thirsty Hoping for Another Improvement :)

on 9/5/22 4:45 am

I found out yesterday afternoon that my surgeon had an unexpected cancellation which NEVER happens .
I was four days after my first procedure ( this morning I'm five days post so safely past the danger stage, the intense healing stage - just a little swollen and bruised looking still but pain free and comfortable walking and exercising.

I texted my surgeon on his one day off proposing another surgery and am excitedly waiting to see him this morning not having eaten or drank since last nite in case his operating room and staff can be arranged for this afternoon.

Im REALLY hoping!!!

What we discussed flying back to do next time was a mini upper body lift essentially with a boob lift using my own breast tissue.

I'm an apple shape which means chicken legs and ample excess skin not just through the abdomen and arms but also on the back , bra overhang underarm area and love handles .

Kind of tough to deal with - and all these empty fat cells not only jiggle unattractively but put out hunger causing estrogen hormone and fill up at a moments notice causing endless struggles with regain.

I'm REALLY excited to POSSIBLY not have to wait at least half a year ( more likely a year ) to get this done and if he agrees well I can postpone my plane ticket because I was cautious and purchased insurance

My cats and plants are getting taken care of ... I'll be a few days late starting full time school but that's ok and worth it and I'm just going to pray from now till ten when he comes that he might possibly agree....

White Dove
on 9/6/22 3:14 pm - Warren, OH

fingers crossed for you

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/3/22 7:23 am, edited 1/2/23 5:25 pm
Adjustable Gastric Band on 12/12/22

I also recently had breast surgery and am in the recovery phase after surgery. Hope you get good results too. If there's anything new, let us know.

happy wheels

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on 1/31/23 1:53 am

I just had breast surgery as well, and I'm now in the healing process. I hope you too get wonderful achievements. Please let us know if anything has changed.

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