Banana Pudding

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on 11/22/22 11:35 am

One of my favorite desserts is banana pudding.
-Sugar Free/Fat-Free Banana Cream Jell-O (1 package)
-Unjury RTD Vanilla Protein (1 drink)
-1/2 cup of skim milk
- Nilla Wafers, Reduced Fat (4)
-Fat-free Reddi Wip (4 tablespoons)

Take one bottle of vanilla protein drink (I used Unjury, my favorite brand) sugar-free banana cream pudding, skim milk and mix well. I mixed in some chunks of banana. Refrigerate overnight and then top with fat-free Reddi whip and reduced-fat nilla wafers when you're ready to eat. It's also delicious without any toppings at all.

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