rny reversal

on 10/12/11 9:52 am

Is it possible to have my stomach sewn back together and the bypass reversed?  Will insurance pay for it?  What does the insurance company require to have that done?  How much does it cost? thanks, Tri

Yehuda G.
on 10/12/11 10:32 am
DS with
Yes a reversal can be done. Insurance would pay for it if you meet their criteria as medical necessary.

I had my RNY revised to the duodenal switch. This means that my RNY was reversed and then the DS was done.

The cost will depend on insurance and the surgeon you go to. Why do you want a reversal?
on 7/13/12 10:07 am - DALE CITY, VA
I saw your post about your RNY reversal and I thought I would inquire as to how you are doing now ?.......Are you able to tolerate most foods again ?.....how is your health ?

I just had RNY on 06-18-12, but I realize that I made a HUGE mistake by listening to my surgeon. I have had nothing both problems holding down food and liquid since the surgery; furthermore, I have been plagued by depression, anxiety, insomnia and panic disorder due to the mal absorbtion of my Paxil.

Did your insurance agree to pay for the reversal ?  Please let me know.

on 7/14/12 2:00 am
Ghunter, you're not even a month post-op yet. The problems you're having are fairly NORMAL at this stage of the game. I'm sorry that your surgeon didn't make that clear to you before surgery.

No one's going to do a rversal on you this early out. A year from now, maybe. But a year from now, you'll *probably* have changed your mind about wanting it done.
on 10/12/11 10:36 am
It's certainly possible, but whether or not your insurance will pay for it will probably depend on WHY you want it done. Is it causing you medical problems?

You certainly want a VERY GOOD surgeon to do this.
on 10/14/11 9:50 am
rny reversal can be done, it is the pouch reversal to a "normal" stomach that is hte dangerous part of the surgery and there are only a handful of surgeons in the US that can perform this.  Insurance pays for reversal when they are deemed medically necessary.  only you have the information on what your insurance co. requires as it is specific to you and your insurance co contract.  self pay would depend on where you went
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