18 years after my RNY

on 7/31/23 5:43 pm - Pasadena, CA

Have not been here in a long time. Currently I am suffering from kidney failure and need to lose weight so I can qualify for a kidney transplant. My nephrologist referred for consultation with the bariatric surgeon for an evaluation and, a whole bunch of blood tests, urging tests and poop test were done. I am trying to get this expedited because I don't know for how long my kidneys will continue to work. I do have a living donor but, can be considered for a transplant if the transplant center doesn't clear me. I had my gastric bypass in 02/2005 and low over 175 pounds. Those were the best times but then I started to gain weight again until I reached a high of 293 lbs. So in order to have a life saving kidney transplant I need to lose a whole bunch of weigh. I did lose 34 pounds on my own but is still not enough. The only I know is that I have made and paid my funeral arrangements since I don't know if I am going to survive. I am pushing to have the revision sooner rather than later so I can try to get a transplant.


LisaK/ UnstapledLisa
on 12/12/23 6:28 pm - plymouth, MN

I just happen to be seeing this post now.

I just wanted you to know that someone cared and if you could post an update if you feel comfortable, that would be great.

I am so sorry you are being tested like this.

huge hugs, Lisa

on 12/12/23 6:36 pm - Pasadena, CA

I did go through with the revision. It was done on September 12, and since then I have lost a total of 72 lbs. My kidney functions improved after the surgery so it bought me sometime before undergoing a transplant. I did lost enough weight to qualify for the transplant but I want to lose more weight. Thank you for reaching out.


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