on 3/15/12 1:03 am - Rome, NY
have a question, is it better to stand up and eat than to sit down when eating with the surgery??
on 3/15/12 9:49 am - Vancouver, WA
I don't think it really makes any difference except for the fact that you would be more relaxed sitting and therefore I would think clamer and not in a position to shovel the food in. Usually when people eat standing they are in a hurry or preoccupied with things other than eating so wouldn't pay as close attention to chewing properly and waiting between bites. Myself I find it much easier to correctly eat when I'm sitting and relaxed, I can't eat much so I want to enjoy the little bit I have.
on 3/15/12 10:13 am - Rome, NY
I really appreciate the help with this question, a person told me that and i couldnt understand that a dr. would give him this informarion.
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