Tomorrow is my revision!!

on 6/25/12 1:07 am - SAN PABLO, CA
 Tomorrow I begin the 2nd part of my journey I started 1 .5 years ago. I am very excited and ready to do the damn thing towards a better me for my daughter and I.  At first I was a little sad but quickly got past all of that, I trruely feel GOD isn't going to put more on my plate than I can handle. So with that being sad good luck to all those who are joining me toay and the days to follow.
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on 6/25/12 2:39 am
Best of luck to you!  I am in the very early stages of a revision so I'm a little scared by all of it right! 
on 6/25/12 9:12 pm
What did  you have and what type of revision. I had RNY and am now going to hopefully do lapband. I hear a lot of negative about the band. Just curious what you are doing.
Tonya M.
on 6/25/12 3:14 am - Fort Dodge, IA

Hey girl!  Well I wish you much luck on your 2nd journey! You are in my prayers and I'm sure your success will outweigh your success the first time around..I too am trying to get a revision and hoping to do so in order to live a long healthy life and myself and my daughter!  Single mamaz gotta stick together!  Anyway, I know God will look after you..take care and wishing you a speedy recovery!




Turtle Lynn
on 6/25/12 7:20 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
Best of luck to you! 

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Ashley A.
on 6/25/12 7:41 am - Dayton, OH
VSG on 06/27/12
Good Luck with your revision :)

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on 6/25/12 9:14 pm
What are you revising from and to. I am in the stages of deciding on revision. I had RNY in 04 snf did much better than I ever expected. Now after the past few years with joint surgery and pain I have allowed myself to gain. I am thinking of lapband but there are lots of negative feedbacks about this and then there are ones who have done great on it. Just curious what you are doing.Thanks
Barbara Keller
on 6/26/12 8:31 am - Gaffney, SC
Revision on 09/10/12
Good luck on your surgery! Keep up posted
 Barbara Keller
on 6/26/12 9:23 pm - Danville, PA
Revision on 06/18/12
I have a revision done on June 18, and thank God. I feel so much better already, good luck with everything, you'll be up on your feet in no time. 
on 6/27/12 10:54 am
Good Luck on everything!!
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