Still in hospital

on 5/1/13 12:33 pm - Bend, OR
Surgery went about 41/2 hours. The prolapsed portion of my stomach had adhered itself to my liver. Still quite a bit of pain on my left side.

The scary thing that happened this morning a nurse striped my drain tubing and it HURT! In fact it hurt so much I vaso vegaled and passed right out. Ended up with the rapid response team called and a ride in the Stryker lift back to bed. Head down feet up. Pulse rate was 40 and couldn't get a blood pressure from me for about 20 min. So I'm staying another day.
Personally I'm glad it wasn't in 2 surgeries I think I would hurt this bad even with 2 dr says its the liver that hurts.


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on 5/2/13 4:30 am
hang n there gurl,ur doing just find that was just a little bump n ur road 2 recovery. Well my big day is 2mrow I just hope I can b a good trooper,Godspeed 2 u
on 5/2/13 5:22 am - Vancouver, WA

Sorry that happened, must have been scary but glad they are keeping you another day. Always better to be safe than get home and have that happen. Hope the rest of your recovery is smooth as silk!

on 5/2/13 8:49 am - Eugene, OR

OMG Laurie!  I was thinking about you on the drive home from OHSU today.  Looks like I'm just waiting for insurance approval, then Dr. Deveney says he'll revise me to a sleeve.  I'm excited to get the severe dumping and hypoglycemia fixed, but not really looking forward to another surgery.  I hope you heal quickly!  

BTW - where are you, Eugene, Bend, Coos Bay?

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on 5/3/13 7:13 am - Bend, OR
Came home yesterday (I'm in Bend, Linda). Feeling better everyday. Except this weird sharp pain now on the right. Baby Sis says its probably positioning pain from surgery. Still on clear liquids, Dr says I can advance to full as soon as I poop, something I have no desire to do. Any suggestions? Taken 2 100 mg colace, one last night , one this morning. Drain still in, comes out on Monday. Drinking tea and water, popcicles and jello. Probably not getting enough in and scared I'm drinking to much at a time.

Thanks for the responses and support everyone. And Linda I'm glad to see someone is finally listening!



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on 5/3/13 7:18 am - Eugene, OR

Glad you're out of the hospital.  That first poop is always so difficult and usually ends up being a bit like giving birth!  I'd keep up the colace.  I use Benefiber now when I need it (not often) but those little grains probably wouldn't be good in your incision lines.  You might call and ask the doc though.  For me, it's the best.  No chemicals like Miralax, and no gas and goop like Metamucil.

I'm so relieved Dr. D is listening.  I made it clear this isn't about the weight loss, it's about not wanting to die of low blood sugar.  I do, of course, want to lose more weight, but that's not the important part.  He was impressed I came prepared with copies of labs, ct scan, etc.  I wanted to make it as easy as possible.  I'm prepared to appeal and appeal again if insurance says no.


Success supposes endeavor. - Jane Austen

on 5/3/13 7:38 am - Bend, OR
If you do need to appeal I was impressed with those lawyers the lindstrom group. She talked to me for about half an hour. Ended up not needing to use them but it would have been I think $900.00 for as much as I needed.
I know what you mean about the health issues. I would love to lose weight but I really did the surgery to feel better/live longer to be able to continue taking care of the family, and to help with the diabetes. So far the diabetes is just as bad as it was, especially considering that I am on clear liquids. But everyone is saying give my body a chance once all the surgical trauma is over.


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on 5/6/13 1:24 am - Gilbert, AZ
VSG on 03/04/13
Sorry your surgery was so painful. Good luck. Keep us up to date on your weight loss. I have been stalled for the last three weeks, and I am still on a full liquid diet, as I am unable to keep mushies down. I think our bodies need time to adjust to all the changes. These surgeries must not be very easy on our bodies.

Good luck again, I hope you feel better soon.

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