RNY to DS last week need input!

Shelley L
on 11/26/13 12:41 pm - Calgary, Canada
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Let me start by saying I have been a member of OH since 2005 and am grateful it is here to turn to again years later.  In my blog, I started as a lightweight at 222 and dropped to 135 in 1 year.  Then I started to regain.  8 years later I was at 196 again....More details on my blog.  So skipping forward....I had revision to DS last Monday in Montreal with the amazing Dr Michel Gagner.  I can't praise this man enough.  He is beyond smart and is like an icon or celebrity in the bariatric world.  Yes I had to self-pay...as OHIP wouldn't pay for any revisions,  

I feel great.  Almost normal and very little pain.  I can chew just about anything into the soft food stage so I don't have and restrictions.  Felt weird to lose my pouch and feel hungry and eat!  BUT now I am scared!  I can eat! It is still a small portion of stomach but now I have the malabsorbtion of DS.  Dr's followup says I am doing great!  BUT again I have only lost 7 lbs??  Probably cause you have nothing bu****er and fluids for 3 days!  RNY the weight dropped off like nothing (mind you vomiting and a one ounce stomach helped with that.   I am scared that I just paid a whackload of money and am going to remain the same weight!


Any people with the same revision have some experience with this and please tell me that the weightloss and malabsorption will kick in?? The scale has sat at 189 now for 3 days :-(  I am getting cravings (prob more emotional craving) I have no problem taking all my vitamins, water, liquids, proteins and yes even chicken tonight.  Small portion, but still!!  I need to find some wonderful blogs to help as a guide!


Fingers and toes crossed for the scale to move soon!




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on 11/27/13 2:07 am - Irvine, CA

Hi Shelly,

May we suggest you post this on the Revision Weight Loss Surgery Forum to reach out to those that have revision surgery like yourself.

Congratulations on your revision, please keep us posted.


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Shelley L
on 11/27/13 4:50 am - Calgary, Canada
Revision on 11/18/13
I did and noted that in my post ty


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LOL to much anticipation for Turkey day has affected our reading.


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Shelley L
on 11/27/13 9:13 am - Calgary, Canada
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Mmmmm Happy Turkey day US Friends!


on 11/28/13 5:28 am
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Am I right in reading you are only 8 days from surgery? If this is correct stay off the scale. I had revision surgery 12/10/12 almost a year ago. I had complications but even with those (I was in the hospital for 3 weeks) I did not weigh myself until I had been home for a month so about 2 months after surgery.

You are full of fluids and your body is still adjusting. Also I am pretty surprised you are eating solid foods. Even those without surgical complications are generally on liquids and soft foods for a few weeks.  At a year out I still can only eat about 4oz at a time and that is on a good day.

If you are concerned my advise would be to call your Dr. Thats what he is there for.

Good luck on your recovery and weight loss.



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Shelley L
on 11/28/13 10:16 am, edited 11/28/13 10:17 am - Calgary, Canada
Revision on 11/18/13
Thanks for replying. I did post in ds forum too. I guess I was just looking for other support here from people who were in same boat and would give me some inspiring stories of theirs. I did and will call my dr if I am medically concerned. Thanks again


on 11/28/13 5:59 am

I agree with Whit...stay OFF the scale.

And post in the DS forum...lots of revisions there.

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on 12/31/13 1:46 am - Leominster, MA
I havent had revision yet, 413 in 99, 163 2001-2007, climed to 300 now ick. Having DS in Spring and lots of therapy and eating disorder treatment under my belt i feel i can be successful without extreme excerising and vomiting for yrs. I know in 99 losing 235 was not easy but if you vomit daily not good. That said, my pouch is normal size small stomach. I can eat veggie burger bun and all and drink. Not a huge meal but for us it is. I am glad to have chance to have revision but i have hear stories about not being on solids for 2 months atleast. Is it possible that you misunderstood directions? I would call dr. And let them know at the very least. 2 only get weighed once a month for first 6 mons. dr. Said boy floats with bloat and readjustments and the daily changes only make person upset. Hope it gets better
on 1/1/14 1:51 pm - Davison, MI

I was on liquids for 4 weeks for the band and sleeve.  I just can't imagine with a RNY to DS revision NOT being on liquid for a much longer time period.

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