on 7/17/14 12:46 pm

I had my sleeve done in April 2011 and had a hiatal hernia, but it was not repaired during the surgery (they think it was too small at that time). I have been having problems for the last two years (vomiting-sometimes with blood, nausea and pain in my upper stomach area). My Dr advised a revision, and I am really hesitant. I got the sleeve, because I didn't want a rny. The Dr stated that my condition will not get better and the hernia will only get bigger. My weight loss has been a total of 95lbs and I have gained about 15lbs back since the original weight loss. Has anybody else been through this??? 


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on 7/17/14 3:10 pm - Davison, MI

I am confused how going from a sleeve to rny would help the HH?  I would think you would just need a HH repair.

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on 7/17/14 3:16 pm

The position of the hernia is at the top of my stomach and it can't be repaired there.


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on 7/17/14 8:12 pm

I too have an HH. I had been to the emergency room twice last year and get gnawing pain in my sternum and back. It almost felt like I was having a gallbladder attack, but mine was removed. I have also gained some of the weight I lost back. I went to a bariatric surgeon here and they did and upper GI and determined I have HH and also stretched out sleeve. It's stretched out at the top and bottom. I just got word yesterday that insurance have approved me for hh repair/resleeve. My revision is scheduled for 8/27. 

on 7/18/14 1:28 am

I bet it CAN, if you find a better surgeon. I read about it being done ALL. THE. TIME.

on 7/19/14 11:15 am

I agree with MsBatt, I have heard of hernia being fixed after a sleeve several times. I would get a 2nd opinion. 

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on 7/24/14 3:06 am - Homestead, FL

I had a sleeve done in April of 2010 - keeping my story short I broke the first rule of post op and got pregnant immediately. Well 4 years later suffering with severe GERD symptoms contacted my surgeon had some tests done and found out I have a severe HH. I have surgery scheduled for Aug 26 to repair the HH and fix my destroyed sleeve. My surgeon now does his sleeve with a procedure to prevent HH normally. My Dr. and I are in agreement that I do NOT want RNY and he only does them in extreme cases with patient consent. So if your DR. will not repair the HH without RNY I would defiantly look for a second opinion. There may be a reason why the DR. is saying you need RNY and it was not explained clearly but never be afraid to speak up to your DR. it is your body, your life your decision.  If you are having severe symptoms from the HH you defiantly need to have it repaired. Best of Luck.

on 7/24/14 3:29 am

Thanks,  I meet with the surgeon last year and he wanted to do the revision,  but I declined.  I am still in pain,  but I am getting a second opinion my appointment is next month.  Hope all goes well with your surgery. 


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