Day 3 Post Op Sleeve to RnY

on 9/11/14 2:16 pm - Pasadena, CA

Day 2 was bad for me - anxiety, nausea, dizziness, throwing up dark blood, and the upper GI swallow test. I forced myself to walk and to use that breathing gadget. I was discharged day 3. Day 3 was much better - nausea is gone, I'm walking around the house, and sipping.

i didn't have these issues with the sleeve. Surgeon said I had a lot of scar tissue. I didn't ask how much or whether this caused complications because I was too sick to care. I'll ask at follow up.

just keeping those who want to know informed.

on 9/29/14 8:40 am
Revision on 07/29/14

Hope you're feeling better.



Quanita L.
on 10/7/14 1:50 pm - Adelaide, Australia
VSG on 11/12/14

I have this idea in my head that I have somehow minimised any post op fears and angst from the first time (probably a bad analogy but maybe like new mums who forget the pain of natural child birth very quickly).  So because we have this pre-conceived idea that it was potentially smoother sailing than it was, it makes everything seem worse the second time?

I am quite nervous about my revision.

You sound like things have moved in the right direction though.  I would think the scarring would be expected?
Hope things just keep getting better for you

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on 10/27/14 2:59 pm

Feel better! Keep us updated.

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