re sleeve MX? new today

on 11/1/14 9:46 am

hi everyone,

I am new today, hoping to find some help.   I am interested in a re vsg.  trying to find the best surgeon in MX, that is a good surgeon to do this?   looking to meet others that have traveled down this same road.  Would love to meet others and get great information.  I was sleeved 3 years ago, but never really had restriction?  I think I was not sleeve correctly.  I have 75lbs to lose to get to normal bmi goal.   Anyone out there in the same boat as me?  I am 26 yr old finishing my degree in May and would love to have the weight off when I graduate and look for a job, people can be so mean to overweight/MO people and I dont want anyone to look at my weight but my resume.  I also would like to have a child in a couple of years.   My husband does not want me to do this, he is worried.  can others help me feel safe and that I am making the right choice? 

Can you tell me about your surgery, has re sleeve helped, good bad ugly?  who was the surgeon, would love any information.

thanks everyone, look forward to meeting everyone and learning, I have never been outside of the US, so this is a great leap of faith!!!



i also posted on MX and vsg, i am self pay due to an exclusion.

on 11/1/14 8:01 pm

wow that is right around the corner for you.  Dr Ungson is one that I am hoping to get more information on, just not sure how much experience he has with re sleeving.  from what I read he is a great DS dr, virgin vsg, cant find info on re sleeve with him.  If he has done them how many.    I hope someone will jump in that has had a resleeve by him.  I am looking for a surgeon who has done a lot of revisions, and I am starting to see more re sleeves now. Dr Pomp did my sleeve.  I was also looking at Dr Alvarez, but same thing cant find info on resleeves.   I have been reading a while and I finally decided to join and post.   my new insurance has an exclusion so I am looking for self pay and probably in MX, I also am looking in the USA but the cost is too high for me.  thanks

on 11/1/14 10:59 pm

that is a great question, I didnt really have any great restriction from the start, maybe first 6 months or so, come to find out that was not restriction but just post surgery swelling, so i would say it was too large from the begining.  yes my barium swallow shows a very large sleeve.  interesting about dr u if he is going to do a test or not when you get there, so you dont know and you have a surgery date, you are just waiting for that surgery date to find out.  i was not sure how that worked with surgery in MX if you have your preop blood work etc before you go, if not what if there is something wrong I mean what if I was very anemic? -would you have to go home?  I just assumed I would have itdone maybe because that is how it is done in the usa? but I guess these are questions I have too.   not sure what you mean by tighten it up, since that is a re sleeve. 

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