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on 9/12/15 6:38 pm

A recent post made me realize something. Too many have RNY knowing nothing! I see my 600 lb life on tv and if the person will lose 20 pounds or so he will do surgery. Have surgery, go home and good luck. Folks please realize this is not a new diet. This is your life!! The need for vitamins doesn't stop after a year or two. This is also for life!! I have maintained for 13 years this month. It's hard, it's daily, it's exercise even when I feel like taking a day off. Research and you too can be successful. 

on 9/13/15 7:55 pm
VSG on 08/04/15

I also watch My 600 Pound Life, and have never figured out how much education is given to the patients.  They seem to get no counseling, but they obviously need some help.  They do no pre-op liquid diet, and seem to leave the hospital eating real food, including fried foods, burgers and junk.  The show should me more responsible in showing what the patients actually need to do for the rest of their lives.  

You're right, this is a lifetime of work and weight management.  It's worth it, but we also need to be responsible for our own outcome.

5' 5" tall. VSG on August 4, 2015/ Starting weight 239.9/ Surgery weight 210.9/ Current weight 137.4/ Goal weight 140/ No longer overweight, now a NORMAL weight. Now that I'm at goal, it's time to move on to maintenance!!!!!!!!




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