Had my Apollo Overstitch revision.....

on 11/28/16 1:49 pm

Hi all, 


I went in on 11/23/2016 to get my Apollo Overstitch Revision surgery and I must say it was a rough ride. I woke up in pain,  had nauseas and vomiting. Had nothing to drink til the following day, then little sips of water and can I tell you the restriction I feel is a lot.  I went home the next day and am on a liquid only regimen for 45 days protein shakes 60 grams a day, only thing is I feel sooo full I feel as if I've had the biggest plate of food and its sitting right in the middle of my stomach, I am absolutely not hungry and have lost 11 pounds thus far. 


I did call today to let them know I worry about not getting in the nutrients and fluids I need, they said just sip no more than 2 oz at a time wait til it settles and do it again. 

I feel more sore and more restriction than when I had my original Gastric Bypass. He said he revised my outlet/pouch to 8mm ( I have no clue what it was before).


Anyways here I am , I am back and will post more as I progress through this.......wish me luck.

on 11/29/16 6:12 pm

Thanks for the update. I am having the Overstitch on December 12 and would really appreciate updates on your progress :)

on 1/4/17 12:29 pm

How are you? Hows has your recovery been?

on 3/4/17 8:56 am
RNY on 03/15/17

How are you feeling to date? Had it been a success?

on 3/8/17 7:54 pm
RNY on 03/15/17

How are you doing after The Apollo Overstitch

Gavin B.
on 4/6/17 5:55 pm - Orlando, FL

How are you doing after Apollo?

on 8/7/20 2:18 am - Gastonia, NC

Aug 2020. Im scheduled to have the Apollo Overstitch on 09/09/2020. Any suggestions or comments in how you have done with it are appreciated.


on 12/1/16 2:10 pm, edited 12/1/16 6:11 am

I was scheduled to have the Apolo on Nov. 30th but it got cancelled because my insurance wouldn't pay for it.  I have struggled since the rny was done incorrectly 10 years ago. My stoma was 25cm a couple of months post op. The surgeon used a huge stoma hole maker.  I haven't felt like I have swallowed food since the liquid diet 2 weeks before surgery.  Please be grateful for the restriction.  I know it is hard now but eventually you will be better off.  sincerely, Tri

on 12/1/16 3:05 pm

Thank you so much!

Trip again, I called my insurance prior to this and gave them all of the procedure codes and  they were prepared ahead of time and approved it. I have HP, not sure what you have but sometimes calling them ahead helps.

on 1/1/17 12:50 pm - HUMBLE, TX

Cogratulations on the success of your revision. Thank you for the information! I am looking into a revision of my RNY..really a tune up. I haven't told my surgeon about it until I make my appointment this week. I have had multiple hernia's (3) with all being life threatning, some bowel obstructions, and several scares afterwards. I think I have a hernia now because I have GERD now, which I have never had before in life! Do you mind sharing your process of getting the revision? Here are some questions...

How did your surgeon feel about it when you first expressed your interest in it? Was the process long, as far as approval? What was the difference between your first weight loss surgery process and this one?? Sorry about all if the questions..I want to get prepared whenever I speak to my surgeon. 

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