Options after RYN?

on 12/21/17 9:29 am

I had RYN 15 years ago and over the last 2 years have gained back all of the weight I had lost. Are there any options for revisions after RYN?

on 12/21/17 4:28 pm

Had my RNY 16 years ago. Gained all but 12 pounds. Just had Laparoscopic revision. Very happy! 8 days post op! Not easy but the first time wasn't either!

Totally committed! I don't want this to happen again. Learned my lesson

on 1/3/18 11:04 am

what revision did they do???

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on 12/21/17 5:35 pm
Revision on 01/27/18

I'm headed to Mexico with Dr. Ortiz of A Lighter Me for a revision of my RNY. Ortiz will make my pouch smaller, tighten stoma if needed, and turn me into a distal RNY. Techniques have gotten better since I was under the knife in 2004, and according to Ortiz, the US makes pouches larger than he does. My date is Jan 27, and I'm ready to start anew,

on 12/23/17 2:20 am - Waltham, MA

I saw my surgeon yesterday. I'm going to be revising to a sleeve. We are choosing this option due to medical reasons.

on 12/23/17 4:55 am
Revision on 09/14/17

There are some options to the RNY. Some choose the DS if they have sought out a surgeon with experience doing so. Some will go for a straight revision. I had an RNY revision where my Surgeon made it distal, made a new stoma, made the stomach the size of the original surgery and seperated it since mine was simply stapled thirty years ago. I knew going in revisions don't have the same success of weight loss as the original surgery. I had my surgery 9/14 and as of today I have lost 68 pounds. I am doing better then expected and feel confident it will continue. I am very strict on this so I am successful and do many things like working out at the gym daily and eating low calorie foods even with surgery to make the best of a huge opportunity. I can happen!

Laura in Texas
on 12/24/17 5:10 am

You should research RNY to DS revision. This seems to be the best bet for losing the weight and keeping it off, but you must use a doctor who knows what he is doing or you risk many long-term complications. Dr. Keshishian is one of the best at this very complicated procedure. Also, I hope you re seeing a therapist to work through the mental part. Good luck.

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