Anadelia W.
on 1/25/18 2:26 pm - Redding, CA

I am in

need of a revision. No matter who I contact I keep hitting walls. My RNY was 2005 I contacted my surgeon who has destroyed my records and the hospital I had procedure done and they also have destroyed my records! I am in California and feel ao

hopeless, any advice ?

on 1/28/18 2:52 am

There isn't enough information in your post to give you a good answer. I think it would help if you put in your post what you want to revise to and what your issues are that you need a revision.

Your records were destroyed since your surgery was beyond the time required to save them.

If you have a specific question for me, PM me or I will not see it, as I don't check responses on the forums and don't have anything forwarded to my email.

on 1/30/18 12:34 am - New York, NY

if you are looking to convert to a DS, your surgeon may be able to use a ct scan to understand if you still have enough blood flow in your remaining stomach. that's mostly why they want to see your surgery report - to see if a particualar artery was severed in your rny surgery