12 years out from RNY, considering a revision to DS (NJ, Medicaid, Substance Use...

on 5/23/18 10:14 am - Milford, NJ

I wish I could say my story was different but it's mostly not.

After I lost my weight and got close (but never quite to!) my goal weight, I went through a divorce. Developed a substance misuse disorder. Why did no one warn me that was such a likely consequence? Or did I just not hear the warning?

Finally got clean almost 6 years ago but I have never been able to take weight off successfully since I hit 24 months out from my RNY.

I'm eating the cleanest I ever have, exercising regularly, to no avail. I think I am ready to talk to someone about revision, ideally to a duodenal switch.

But I don't want to be seen as a failure. I am worried about pain control post surgery- no opiates for me!

I struggle with my iron and vit D already, so I know those will still need to be watched closely. Also I am on medicaid in NJ, not sure if they cover revisions?

Support would be great.

on 5/23/18 8:11 pm

A failure doesn't beat a try. When I first had my surgery in 1993, I was 456 pounds. I had a revision back in 2000. The smallest I've ever been from that surgery was 250.. Years later I went back up to 300 pounds in 2015 I lost weight through weigh****chers I had gotten down to 223 and kept it off for two years. Now I am back up to 280 . I am truly embarrassed. I have been sick the last couple years physically sick with my 13th surgery on my left leg in January 2018. I am going to ask about a revision. I've tried to get back on weigh****chers, I've tried Nutrisystem, it's the late-night eating for me. So it won't hurt to ask it's going to be yah or nay. I wish you the best of luck.

H.A.L.A B.
on 5/25/18 10:26 am

For some people *****gained after RnY ,- they can be successful with DS. I would suggest you ask this question on DS forum.

Remember that revision from RNY to DS is very complicated procedure. There only handful of docs who can do properly.

At the same time - try to rebuild iron stores and vit D.

When my D tanked 2 years post op someone recommended I use dry D3 capsules 50,000 IU. (Amazon carry that - Biotech). I took a lot for first 2 weeks. One pill (of 50,000 IU,) a day for 2 weeks, then next 2 weeks I took one every other day.

After 2 months I got retested - and my D increased from 29 to over 100.

I take now 50,000 IU 1-2 times a week. I maintain my D in 50-80 range.

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