Revision from sleeve to bypass or sleeve to sleeve ???

on 2/16/20 7:12 am

Hello everyone!

Its been a minute on since i been on here but after dealing with Cancer and being on and off meds with cancer treatments i've gained all my weight back and looking into revision surgery soon. I've always been skeptical and scared of bypass but i had sleeve in 2011 which i absolutely loved. I lost a 100 pounds with my sleeve but 2 years or so after i decided to have another baby and through our trying process and 1 miscarriage i delivered a healthy baby girl in 2014! Along with baby came back the weight and getting track with my weight loss- LiFE!!

I would love to have another sleeve but have (gerd) heartburn problems and now looking into bypass. I would like some feedback on people whos had vsg to bypass and please share your experiences and weight loss outcomes. I know that they say its slower after revision but this time around im looking for long term health benefits and just want this extra weight off after failed attempts to do it on my own...

Please chime in


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on 2/16/20 9:19 am


I can sympathize with you. I had gastric with RNY way back in 2000. I lost a little over 100 pounds and kept it off for about 10 years till I got thyroid cancer in 2010. About 6 months after my thyroid surgery and radiation they found another thyroid tumor attached to my left ovary so I had that removed along with my left ovary followed by more radiation. After that the weight has been creeping back on. All the radiation took it's toll on me and made my Ehlers Danlos (connective tissue disorder) much worse leaving me unable to do much at all for exercising. I injure very easily and my fatigue is debilitating. After the gastric bypass, for the first time in my life, I knew what the feeling of "being full" felt like. It was wonderful to know when to stop eating and actually feel satisfied. I don't have that anymore. Anyhow, I've gained back all of the weight I lost and then some and am now the highest weight I've ever been. I've tried everything and can't lose anything. I even tried reaching out to a Bariatric surgeon only to be told they don't do revisions. I feel defeated and don't know how to get proper help that will actually lead to success which brings me here. I've also since been diagnosed with immunodeficiency disorder, Addison's disease and my Ehlers Danlos is crippling with many co-morbidities. I just recently had tethered spinal cord surgery and neck surgery hoping to make things better but I don't have much hope of my other health issues getting better till I can get this weight off.

Prior to my gastric bypass in 2000 I felt lost in who I was. Trapped in a body that didn't feel mine then I had 10 wonderful years feeling happy, healthy and confident where I enjoyed eating properly and exercising daily. For the first time I felt like the person inside matched the outside. Now here we are in 2020 and once again, I'm completely lost. This isn't who I am and it's holding me back and hindering me immensely. I feel like this is a major key component in me getting healthy again and being able to live again. Right now I'm in a terrible lost state.

I hope you don't mind me following this thread. I wish you the very best and hope we both can get the help we need. I'm located in Rhode Island so if anyone knows of a doctor near who would do a revision or conversion to the sleeve or band, please let me know. I can't really afford it but I'll also do what I can to be able to fly somewhere. I'm desperate to get my life back since I'm now on disability and feel pretty helpless. I have premium health insurance so it should cover. It's united healthcare choice plus. They pay $16,000 per month for my ivig infusion therapy for my immunodeficiency disorder so they'd probably pay for a revision surgery if it's going to make me healthier, most likely costing them less in the long run. Thank you & best wishes!

on 2/16/20 1:05 pm

I'm sorry to hear your tough times and sure you can get help. Even through my sickness I'm still pursuing a revision soon! Good luck on your journey!

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on 2/18/20 6:07 am
Revision on 02/12/20

Good Morning,

I would have been 8 years gastric sleeve next month.... I had my sleeve done in 2012 and the day of my surgery I was 455.3 the lowest I ever got down too was 306 and I was actually pretty happy about that. Like you I love my sleeve and everything that it did for me. I've been dealing with really bad reflux but have been masking it with zantac for years. It was to the point where I was waking up out my sleep coughing up acid.So I had enough and finally went to my surgeon in august and told him what's been going on. He suggested another endoscopy and I had that in December and it showed that I had esophagitis stage a with a small hole less than 5mm. He put me on medication which really wasnt helping and we discuss the pros and cons. I told him I could live like that anymore and he suggested converting my sleeve to bypass because I'm a "veteran" I didn't have to do eveything like a new patient. So the process seemed faster. I had my conversion surgery 2/12/20 I'm six days post op and feel pretty good despite the gas and incision pain.

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on 8/3/20 6:09 am
Revision on 08/04/20

Would love an updateð?'?

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on 2/18/20 9:45 am
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If you have GERD, you definitely don't want to be re-sleeved. The sleeve causes a high-pressure environment and is sometimes the cause of GERD.

I had VSG to RNY revision because of reflux issues, and it's completely taken care of my issues. I also regained some weight due to bad habits and my sleeve stretching out, so I've been able to lose almost all of my regain after the bypass. This is my last chance to get it right, so it's completely your responsibility to make sure you stay on track this time.

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