RNY to RNY revision

on 4/24/20 6:37 am - Renton, wa

Hello, friends. I had a RNY in Nov 2005 and it held fine for over a decade, but then I returned to school to get bachelors and masters degrees. No regret, but MAN these years have been the most brutal, unrelentingly stressful of my entire life. I'm sure you know where this is going. From 340lbs to 195-205lbs, and now back up again. I'm pursuing a revision, and I'm pretty sure the doctor is going to stick with the RNY. I haven't had a chance to ask a lot of questions. Do they tighten the pouch and bypass more intestine? Curious what others' results have been. My first surgery went well, not a hitch other than some ankle edema.

One big change is I now have lipidema (read: different than lymphedema) and it has led to a lot of health problems that I didn't have when I was larger before. Also, I need to lose some weight by requirement before I can have the revision (I didn't have to before the original). So, this is going to be a uniquely challenging 6 months. Crossing my fingers I get full approval, and that people in my life don't freak out about my decision.

I'm looking forward to hearing from folks about their experiences.

Thank you.


on 5/1/20 8:55 am

Hi Amy. Same story here. I just scheduled a consultation for a revision. The surgeon here performs StomaphyX. I would be interested in your progress as well as provide my specifics when I have the appointment.

on 5/1/20 10:01 am - Renton, wa

Will do! :)

I've never heard of the StomaphyX. I'll have to look into that. They haven't told me how they'll do it. The dietician thinks it's probably just the pouch being made smaller again, and not any more intestinal bypass. Do you know?

It is nice to meet you!

on 5/2/20 5:30 am

Stomaphyx (stoma fix). It is done under general anesthesia, performed with endoscope. It makes the pouch smaller again with sutures in the stomach. There is also a Rose Procedure, similar to the Stomaphyx. It is nice to meet you as well.

on 5/12/20 3:32 pm - Renton, wa


I'm not sure which procedure they're going to do. It sounds a lot less difficult and invasive as the RNY gastric bypass does. I'm assuming there is no additional bypassing on a revision, just a tightening of the pouch. I'm also assuming it is done laparoscopically, as long as it can be performed that way physically (and on me that would probably work quite well, since I carry my extra weight more from the hips and legs than in my stomach area).

I have a lot of questions to ask the case manager when we chat next.

Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge. :)

on 6/26/20 6:52 am - Punxsutawney, PA


How did the Stomaphyx work for you? I've been thinking about going that route and wondered how well it worked!

Thanks for any input !

on 5/27/20 7:04 am

I am in the same boat...RNY in 2004...great success with 170 loss and now over 100 regain 16 years later. My new job/insurance won't pay for anything to do with Gastric Bypass so I will have to go the cash route...which is NOT doable. Dying inside because of the shame of the regain.

Good luck with your revision and praying you get the approval.

on 6/22/20 4:12 pm

Don't be ashamed of your weight regain. I am in the same boat and looking at doing a revision. I'm not sure how pricey it is though. Do any of you guys know how much it costs?

on 6/23/20 12:55 pm

I am 13 years out from RNY surgery and have gained all my weight back. After two kids later (6 and 1) and turning 40, the pandemic crisis has pushed me to the breaking point. I feel like I'm in such a fragile emotional state. I'm interested in revision as well but am I little scared to schedule appointments during this time.

on 6/30/20 10:02 am

So, the more research on Stomaphyx I see, it seems it is not a good procedure:seems it is temporary, as some people have to have a second one done as quickly as 6 months later. I have scheduled a revision in Mexico as my insurance will not cover me. It it about 8000, not including air fare, and they do have several finance companies they work with. I have not seen any bad reviews for the Doctor I have chosen, and see a lot of good things on their facebook page. Tijuana Bariatric Center Support Group.

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