Revision to bypass after sleeve

on 6/10/20 7:47 pm

Hi all. I had a VSG over 2 years ago and between pre surgery and after surgery I lost 250 pounds. I was so happy, so healthy, so proud.

Then I got pregnant. The purpose of losing weight was to get healthy enough to have kids. I had to do fertility treatment which caused some weight gain. It was worth it though. Then with pregnancy I gained more. I thought I had a handle on it. Then with post partum depression, gained a bunch more. Then got pregnant again miraculously. More weight gain. More depression more weight gain. I spiraled out of control.

Here I am, 37 years old now with two babies under two and 200 pounds of weight regained.

I am so disgusted with myself. So depressed. So sad.

I am back on track and have lost 40 pounds in the last 5 months but I think I could do better. I talked to my surgeon and am now exploring revision to bypass.

Has anyone had success with this type of revision? I am ready to stay the course this time and use this tool to it's fullest. No more pregnancy in my future :)

on 6/28/20 5:30 pm
VSG on 01/12/16

I'm looking to do the same thing! Had my miracle baby in October!

on 6/29/20 4:32 pm
Revision on 06/30/20

Same!! Just got to the hotel in Tijuana, and have my revision (sleeve to mini bypass) tomorrow. I had a very successful sleeve procedure 7 years ago. With the very slow loss of my father due to an illness, I grabbed all the food and booze that would help me "cope" with my grief.

Im incredibly happy to have this restart, tomorrow. Dr Carlos Altamirano is the surgeon!ð?'?

on 8/27/20 9:12 pm
VSG on 03/11/13

How did your surgery go, and how are you doing?

on 8/28/20 12:52 pm
Revision on 06/30/20

Surgery went great! I cannot day enough about Dr. Altamirano. I am almost 60 days post op and have lost 27lbs. I learned before the procedure to be happy with a slower rate of weight loss, and I honestly am! It's not the crazy fast loss of the initial sleeve done in 2014, but Im back on track in my head and in my habits. ð?'??

on 8/28/20 2:26 pm
VSG on 03/11/13

So happy to hear you are well! How different is your daily process and eating compared to the VSG?

on 9/1/20 9:57 am
Revision on 06/30/20

To be honest, I feel it's easier because I've already experienced the difficulty of barely being able to consume ANYTHING post sleeve op, right? It took soooo much time to work up to the suggested amount of protein, etc. With the mini-bypass, my recovery was FAST because I could get the required food in within a couple weeks...most importantly, I was able to drink a full protein drink 3 days post op. Amazing!

You have to be very mindful with the revision, because the couple of times I have eaten too fast Or not chewed enough I have had about 30 seconds to get to the bathroom before vomiting. I n-e-v-e-r experienced that after the sleeve. You HAVE to chew extra with this procedure, so that's helpful in a way. ð??... I can't think of anything else different with the actual process beyond the chewing. It truly is helpful that my stomach was already tiny from the sleeve...

im now down 30lbs, so the scale moves but nowhere near as fast. That's a-ok with me. ð?'? I'll take all the wins, and I can SEE my body changing daily. Very happy with the procedure!

on 9/8/20 5:37 pm
Revision on 09/28/20

I am thinking of revision to bypass after sleeve. Can anyone tell me how their experience has been after getting this surgery done and what the weight loss was about? I am looking for support on this journey

on 9/9/20 8:59 am
Revision on 06/30/20

Hi there! Scroll up in this thread and you'll see my response to this question. I had my revision done on June 30th and am doing well.

on 11/7/20 3:55 pm

Hi, I am looking to do a revision also, how is your weight loss going? I am wondering because I heard some don't lose and some lose well.

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