Revising from Gastric Sleeve to SADI-S

on 7/3/20 12:57 pm

Dear All,

I am considering of having a revision surgery from Gastric Sleeve to SADI-S (Single anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy)

Has anyone had a revision from Sleeve to SADI-S? Good experiences? Bad experiences?

Can you please tell me what your experience was like?

Thank you!

on 7/24/20 7:36 am

I had my first verticle sleeve gastrectomy surgery in 2015 at 264lb, 35 yrs old. No complications with the surgery, got to about 170 at my lowest weight. slowly over time lost the good surgery eating habits and gained back up to 200lbs.

I panicked and started looking into revision surgery. I ended up being re-sleeved with the sadi-s added (I think my common channel is 250?) via self pay in Mexico in summer of 2018. The lowest weight I was able to get to was about 172 lbs.

I am now hovering around 195lbs. I am proof that if you don't work the diet and exercise you will regain weight no matter if you get a revision. I take complete responsibility for my failures with eating slider foods and alcohol consumption.

I somewhat regret getting the sadi-s because I will constantly have to take supplementation and watch for nutrient deficiencies. while most of my bathroom issues are pretty mild compared to stories I've heard. I still suffer from a lot of GERD/Heartburn and sometimes incredibly embarrassing smelly gas.

I feel my re-sleeve was a valid revision, when my surgeon looked at my sleeve and quizzed me on my consumption abilities he was positive my sleeve was made entirely too big the first time. When I eat properly I do have a decent amount of restriction after I was sleeved a second time. so it's worth getting your sleeve checked, but my experience with the sadi-s was not the desired outcome. I wanted malabsorption so that I could eat what I wanted but did not address the underlying addictions and bad habits that caused the weight gain.

on 9/23/20 8:12 pm
Revision on 12/13/20

Have you thought of going in, and having the SADI-S revised to the DS?

i had an RNY in 1999 at 25 years old. 328 was my SW, and got to 170. 2012 I revised from RNY to DS. My pouch was made bigger than normal, and although I did get to 150 I am now back to 213. Im currently in the beginning stages of a resleeve. The weight gain is killing my body, and I'm starting to have health problems

on 8/28/20 3:34 pm - Woodside, NY

Would you be getting resleeved in the process ?

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