Revision with Aetna during COVID?

on 7/15/20 7:51 pm

Hi everyone! Anyone try to get Aetna to approve a revision during covid? I know they recently updated their requirements, so I'd like to hear some experiences if anyone is willing to share. Thanks!

on 9/24/20 12:21 pm - VA

I've been in the process of having revision to my 2012 mini-incision RNY to biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS). I started the process December 2019. On the phone, Aetna is cir****pect when it comes to giving the impression they'll approve any procedure in the future. The process has been circuitous because of COVID and because Aetna pretty much wouldn't give me a straight answer. I have many comorbidities that have recurred, including insulin-dependent diabetes. I qualify for the surgery. My surgeon (who I really like) has been great but seems like he doesn't want to deal with insurance. I get it but I must have Aetna insure this revision. I finally got all the pre-surgery tests completed and submitted to my surgeon. He has a policy that if the surgery isn't paid in full a week before the surgery date, it's a $1,000 charge. I DO NOT want to pay that. But I am desperate to have this revision. I am so completely unhappy with my weight and health issues. Get busy living, or get busy dying. So day before yesterday my surgeons office contacted me and said they'd submitted his pre-evaluation letter to Aetna on my behalf, and that they set my surgery date for October 22, 2020! OH JOY! I applied for CareCredit and was approved for 2/3 of the cost of the surgery. So damn the torpedoes, I'm going to have it regardless. I'll let you know what Aetna says. Best wishes! Warmly, Kathie

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