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Hi, I had RNY in 2014. Highest weight was about 240. Got down to 150. I am now able to eat much more and I have been gaining over the past 2 years. I'm up to 195 and freaking out. I have seen my original surgeon about this twice. Both times he had me get imaging done and said it was normal. He wants me to come to the office and eat in front of him. That would be fine, but I know that will make me anxious and zap my appetite. I went to another doctor who doesn't accept insurance and he recommended overstitch. It's ~$6,000 though, and I don't think I can come up with that amount in the near future. Does anyone have any recommendations about how I can get some sort of revision approved by a doctor who accepts insurance?? My insurance is Cigna BTW.

on 12/9/20 5:09 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

First off the overstitch or ROSE procedure or what every they are calling it is a waste. You get maybe 20-30lbs weight loss, but then gain that back. Cigna (as I have them) does not cover procedures like that as they are still considered experimental. Plus they can be a ***** to get an approval for a revision.

Weight gain really comes down to what and how much you are eating. What does your daily menu look like? Are you measuring/weighing what you eat? Are you eating carbs or dense protein? How much water/liquids are you drinking? Are you drinking with your meals or right after?

There are some on here who have gained and were able to lose it again just by eating the correct foods and amounts.

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on 12/13/20 7:40 am

Almost everyone gains back 20 pounds during year three. About 50% regain 50 pounds by year five.

The body becomes much more efficient at absorbing calories. So the only way to lose the weight is by eating less and moving more. Revisions only work if you eat less and move more.

I accept the fact that I will be on a diet for the rest of my life. There is no maintenance phase. If I slack off, I gain weight.

Get yourself a smart scale. It will tell you your weight, body fat, BMI, muscle weight, and water weight. Be aware of all of those measurements. Weigh****chers is an excellent place to start your weight loss process. Their points system will show you how to lose weight without having to eliminate any foods.

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