Need Recommendations

on 8/11/21 4:10 pm - Newbern, TN

I had RNY 17 years ago and even though I have not gained all my weight back, I have gained! I am looking for recommendations for a surgeon in TN that performs revisions. I have called Knoxville, Vanderbilt, and Memphis and they say they don't perform them. My surgeon has retired. Thanks for any help!

on 9/19/21 6:13 am

Hi there,
A few months ago I have had my plastic surgery especially rhinoplasty technique and some small facial modifications. My surgeon had conducted a class and taught me how to recover easily after the surgery. And he also advised me to follow some pre-surgery rules that may help during the surgical process. Before the class, I was very conscious about the surgery and confused to do or not to do the surgery. He boosts my confidence level and makes me a better candidate for the process. Thank God! I'm recovering slowly without experiencing any complications.

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