Revised 10/29

on 11/9/21 7:41 am

Hi everyone, I just had a revision from sleeve to bypass and looking for others in the same time frame as me to keep in touch with.

 HW-267-SW-253-CW-167 I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!

on 11/11/21 10:40 am
Revision on 11/05/21

Hi there! I had the same on Nov. 5th.. happy to connect and support. How is your recovery going? I've been doing better each day thankfully :-)

on 1/13/22 1:18 pm
Revision on 11/12/21

Hey there! I had a sleeve to bypass revision on November 12th! How have you done so far?

on 11/15/21 9:36 am - SAN DIEGO, CA
Revision on 12/21/21

I'm scheduled for a revision from band to bypass on 12/21 - recovering by the Christmas Tree!

I had the fluid removed from my band a week ago and have had reflux ever since - I think that band was preventing the reflux for 14 years - looking forward to having it go away after the revision. Also very hopeful that my surgeon will be able to do the whole thing in one go so I don't need a second surgery.

Surgery, 8/22/07.  In it for the long haul!