DS or RNY revision. Which is better?

on 5/3/22 9:55 am - Paoli

Hello everyone. I had the RNY in 2013. I lost 100 pounds but since then have gained 150 approximately. My question is which is better for a revision. Redoing the RNY or having the DS. The program that I would like to go with does not offer the DS. My reasoning for going to this program is that it is only an hour away from home. Any programs that offer the DS are approximately 2 1/2 hours away one way. I work night shift and this would affect my appointments as I would not be able to work the night before my appointment and the night of due to the drive and not being able to sleep. Any suggestions. I am in Southern Indiana


on 6/28/22 1:10 pm - Cochran , Ga

Actually the only one that can get the weight off on a RnY is the DS surgery and it is risky then first and you have to watch your levels for life and be taking extra vitamins cause it malasorb more than RnY surgery .. but finding a doctor who will do a revision like that is hard it takes 3 to 4 hrs and runs 30,000 and a reg RnY surgery takes 45 min to a hour they lose money doing a revision and they are taking a risk if you were to have complications it would be a hassle or to die would mess up clean record of no death fatalities.. so it don't make sense to do a revision to a DS because they could do four patients instead of one and miss out on 60,000 bucks . Hey money talks and what doctor wants to take risk more time more complications for 60,000 less . I am wanting this and I see best for me to go to Mexico . And go to a doctor that others has used doing same revision .. RnY revision I was told by last surgeon after being turned down twice he won't do those revisions for not worth the results for me or him ..

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