on 6/18/11 1:13 pm - CA

So this is my first post for NSV!!! So excited!
I went to a kid's birthday party today and wore........ wait for it........ a short sundress!!!!
I am Mrs. "I wear jeans in 112 weather because I refuse to let you see my legs" this is huge because not only did I wear it, I didn't even think about being the biggest person there 1 time, I just had a great time visiting with friends! Times like these are the reason I had this surgery.
I am soooo loving my tool today!

on 6/18/11 1:21 pm - AL
Congrats!  I know how you feel!  I get so jealous of the cute sundresses that are out this year and think how cute they are....on someone else.  ha ha  I hope one day I can feel ok wearing one.  I won't even wear sleeveless shirts "out and about", just wear them at home. 

My daughter got to be Mardi Gras Queen at school this past yr. for being the top AR Reader in 8th grade and was told three days before the parade she had to wear a formal.  This is during prom time....yeah right!  They were told, no open backs (her dress she wore to winter dance had an open back) and no strapless.  We looked everywhere up to the night before and finally I went to TJ Maxx and found her a dressy sundress that I am sure she will never be caught dead in again.  She LOVED it for its purpose but won't wear it for anything else, so I am making that a goal for down the road for me to wear that dress and snag it from the dust bunnies in her closet!!  ha ha

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on 6/18/11 2:38 pm - Tallahassee, FL
Congrats! That's a great NSV! It's a wonderful feeling to feel good in what you wear!
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on 6/19/11 3:42 am - Granada Hills, CA
Yay!! That's awesome! You'll be much cooler this summer

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