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on 9/16/11 12:27 pm - Altamont, IL
Hey everyone! I had my surgery Aug 2 and my total loss so far is 36 pounds.  I can tell in my jeans and face some loss but wondering what people are doing for exercise?  I am having a problem with my legs giving out on me when I am on them for too long.  People ask all the time how much weight you loose..I guess they figure you should lose 100 in a month.  Was thinking of joining a gym  but don't want to pay if not gonna use it...I have a recumbant bike at home and my sister across street has treadmill so what should I do to boost loss and make it noticibly to people.
on 9/16/11 12:33 pm - PA
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I had surgery Aug 11, and started doing a lot of walking 3 months before surgery, and worked up to 3-4 miles a day.  So I've lost a lot of inches - it looks like I've lost much more weight than I have.  At my last appointment, my doc told me to do more strenuous excercise, so I've been working on an elliptical machine, and I'm looking for a gym for lifting weights, and a pool to start swimming.  I think a treadmill would be great.
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on 9/16/11 12:43 pm - TX
I am swimming laps for cardio and toning and then I walk my three dogs.

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on 9/16/11 1:06 pm - Santa Cruz, CA
Walking for an hour (3 mph) every other day is good.  If you've not done a lot of walking, work up
to it in 10-minute increments.

Do weights training three days a week, alternating with your walks.  This helps to get your whole
body involved.

If you don't want to pay for a gym, get some hand weights, a blowup exercise ball, and an elastic
band, then do crunches, etc., and work out that way. 

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on 9/16/11 1:09 pm - TX
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Eliza, how long do you stay on the elliptical?
on 9/16/11 2:40 pm - PA
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I worked up slowly to 50 min 3x per week on the elliptical.  My knees can't take any more than that yet. My goal would be 60 min, 4 x per week.  Right now,  I walk at least 2x per week to keep 5x per week for exercise.

But, this week was crazy at work, so I only got in 4x exercise.
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on 9/16/11 7:31 pm
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FInd some kind of movement that you LIKE. I got a crazy little dog when I was early post op that I knew would need to be walked frequently. She keeps me moving. When I lost 100 pounds I got a bike. I started at 378 so it took down till 270 to feel well enough to attempt it.
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on 9/16/11 10:13 pm - MI

I joined the gym because I have discipline / motivation issues and know that if I won't exercise on my own. Like you, I have knee issues, so the phisiologist there set up an exercise plan for me that doesn't aggravate my knee and actually helps to strengthen it.  They actually have a bike that operates like an elliptical machine only you're sitting down.  I go to the gym straight from work 4-5 times per week.  I started working with a personal trainer this week to help me with fat burn as I've been on a plateau struggling with the same 5 lbs for 2 mos.  It seems to be working so far.

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on 9/16/11 10:14 pm
 Exercise only lasts if it is something that you think is fun and you can't wait to do it.  I love water aerobics and country line dancing.  Good workouts and a good time.
on 9/16/11 10:33 pm - Fort Campbell, KY
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I'd start with walking, just to build up some endurance and get some strength back in your legs.

I now to crossfit and run. I love spinning classes. Just about anything! It really can be fun, but you have to actually try it before you know what you like.
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