getting sick is far different than before.

on 9/23/11 12:35 am - brielle , NJ
taken away he usul nsaids we can not take anymore for the common flu systems that one might have to suffer with i found myself on a cotail this past wee of nyqil and lots of water..the nyquil making my aches, fever and sniffling better but that did nothing for that annoying drip in the back of throat that went down into my tummy and after a w hile made me pray to th porcelaine gods like never before....hence of the story this is day 4 or no work (that suck) and barely any food and lots of woozy drunken moments from the nyquil that doesnt make my stomach feel any better my question is this...when the sniffles, throat achechy, flu like symtoptoms come knocikng on ur door what is that you take to  try and fight the deamon while stayin somewhat co-herent partipate in life???? 
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on 9/23/11 1:44 am - Santa Cruz, CA
What is your First Language?

This is almost impossible to decipher.

on 9/23/11 5:43 am - brielle , NJ

sorry first language is english and that was about 10 minutes after taking the nyquil and 3 days of frustration of feeling no better than a drunken sailor (hence the spelling) ..i was just trying to find out other take for the flu...unfortunately i have come to realization that its something thats going to take its course and not to over due it on the

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on 9/23/11 8:58 am - Santa Cruz, CA
AAAH--that's the problem!  I have found the Alkaseltzer Cold Remedy is a good thing;  it dissolves
and doesn't taste too bad, and I haven't found it gives me a result as per your first post.  

Actually, I've been pretty healthy since the surgery, haven't had but one episode of some nasal problem.

Good luck! 
Paula F.
on 9/23/11 12:04 pm - Rochester Hills , MI
Isn't alkaselzer cold remedy fizzy?  My dr. said no carbonation even from alkaselzer.  Hmm...
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on 9/23/11 12:18 pm - Santa Cruz, CA
Yes, it is fizzy, but I stir it and let it settle a bit, then sip it slowly to let the carbonation absorb
bit by bit.  It helped the one upper-respiratory illness I've had in the past six years.
Paula F.
on 9/23/11 12:06 pm - Rochester Hills , MI
I think Tylenol makes a line of cold and flu products.  Check with your primary care doctor about the flu mist, or ask the pharmacist for a suggestion and let him/her know you cannot tolerate NSAID products.
on 9/23/11 2:03 am
Ah, it sounds like you are having a tough time with a cold or the flu?

I use Nyquil, and it does make my happily drunk, but I sleep like a baby. Try to cough up the drip in the back of your throat rather than swallowing it- that will make your tummy happier.

Feel better soon! This too shall pass...

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on 9/23/11 3:11 am
RNY on 02/28/12
can you not take tylenol for aches and pains (it shouldn't make you drowsy and itsn't an NSAID).  If the post nasal drip continues to be a problem, you could see your doctor and ask about trying to clear things up quicker with a nasal steroid spray.  Bottom line, flu will set anyone back, with days off work etc whether they have had RNY or not.  Hang in there.

Hope you feel better soon,