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on 2/19/12 10:30 am - FL
 Does anyone take Women's One A Day vitamins? I'm confused on the whole coated subject. My dr said not to take those because they are coated. Does anyone know what's the problem with them being coated? Then my sister had RNY and her Dr told her to take those very ones. So it leaves me confused. I cannot stomach my chewable vitamins (centrum) and I'm feeling so sick and need a vitamin I can take that's not chewable abd preferably not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Money us tight these days. I have 3 kids to clothe and feed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robin
on 2/19/12 10:36 am - Parkton, MD
I haven't had any problems with the women's one a day's - my blood work comes back fine - except for vit D.  I starting on extra Vit D.
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on 2/19/12 10:45 am - FL
Thx for replying :) I'm just wondering why my dr had said not to take coated vitamins. I know alot of people take the women's one a day and they are coated. Guess I just need to call and ask exactly why. Was just seeing if any of you knew what the reason would be. I just need to get something and soon because I'm tired if feeling sick and weak. I have kids to take care if and it's been so hard lately feeling this way. I do take my b12 daily though. 
on 2/19/12 11:00 am - FL
ask about injectable B12... it made a world of difference for me in regards to the fatigue I was feeling. Jennifer can help you with it

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on 2/19/12 11:52 am

about the coating:


Reduced Medication EffectivenessThe shorter intestinal length after gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery can make extended-release drug preparations less effective. Some extended-release drugs include antidepressants (Wellbutrin XL), anxiolytics and sleep medications (Xanax XR), and anti-hypertensives (Toprol XL, Verapamil XL). Because these formulations are intended to be absorbed over 2-12 hours, the pills may pass through the gastrointestinal tract before absorption is complete.

This same principle also applies to delayed-release and enteric- or film-coated pills, which are coated with a material that prevents the medication from being released until the pill moves through the stomach to the small intestine. (Sometimes the abbreviation “EC” is added to the name of a drug to indicate that it is enteric-coated.) Immediate-release dosage forms should be substituted, although they may need to be taken more often. 

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on 2/19/12 12:22 pm - OH
Various drugs (and, apparently some vitamins as well, although this is the first I have head about vitamins) have different kinds of coatings depending on where in the body the manufacturer wants the coating to break down.  Some are designed to get broken down by the acids, etc in the stomach (which we don't have in our pouches), others a designed to break down in the upper portion of the nesting, and many are designed not to break down until they reach the lower portion of the intestine.  The latter ones are not a problem for us, but the first two can be problematic of the protective coating doesn't break down sufficiently to allow us to absorb enough of the medication.

As I said, though, I have need heard of any concern about the coating on vitamins.  My surgeon indicated that she preferred that we take chewables, but that taking regular Centrum is also ok.  I normally take Centrum chewables, but I also have both some regular Centrum and some regular One A Day vitamins in my cabinet and they appear to have the same kind of coating...


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on 2/19/12 12:56 pm - FL
 Thanks for all the replies! I need to decide which I should go with. The Centrum chewables are def out though.