Anyone else with this problem?

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 Hi.. Here's my problem. My primary care Dr is on a military base. Since I've had my surgery (1/18/12) I seem to keep running into very stupid people when it comes to the gastric bypass. I'm not the type of person to call people stupid but I've been so fed up lately. I have a lot if pain. I have 2 herniated disks also I have kidney stones a lot. I've gone to the Dr and stressed my pain to him and he only wants to give me meds I can't have like Naproxin and Ibprophen. I've told him over and over I cannot take these. He says he's not a fan of giving out Vicodin, Percocet ect.. I told him I'm not a big fan of it either but unfortunately it's what helps my pain and reg Tylenol won't cut it. Needless to say, I continuously leave the Dr office still in pain with no meds. I'm tired of being in pain and can't live this way much longer. I feel like these dr's don't listen to me and think I don't know what I'm talking about. They are so oblivious to the gastric bypass. Anyways I'm done whining.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Robin.
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 I don't know about kidney stones and herniated disks, but Fioricet (sometimes) helps with my migraine pain.  It's not an NSAID or a narcotic.

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Would it be possible for the surgeon's office to call your primary care doc, and let them know the issues with the RNY?
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I have heard that military doctors are hesitant to give out pain meds because a lot of military wives are drug seekers. I have no clue if this is actually true but I've heard it from 5-6 people from different bases around the country when we were dealing with a friend who was addicted to pain medication.

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My husband has been in the Army for over 23 years & I can assure you that many Military Doctors would rather drug you up then treat your condition. I have Lupus & have had Dr's try to spoon feed me pain pills for years. I refuse to take them, but then again Id rather treat my condition naturally.

My poor Husbands body is starting to wear out & wouldn't you know...his doctors just want to drug him up & not treat the issues (disks, heels, neck damage from previous deployments). Of course its our responsibility to advocate for ourselves & seek the proper treatment.

I take offense to the generalization that military wives are pill seekers.

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I didn't mean to upset you. I was just saying what I heard and I said I have no clue if it's true. I've never been around the military so I don't know what goes on.

oh and just so you know, I heard that from army/air force wives not from non military people.

edit: I just asked one of my friends about this to get to the bottom of it. she said in her experience and observations of women she knows/knows of on the base she lives at, doctors who are not on base (I assume these are just normal doctors?) do not like to prescribe to military wives because of drug seeking behavior. she said she even knows of two times where women went to the ER and the ER doc told women to go home because he knew they were looking for a fix. I have no clue if these stories she heard are exaggerated or what.

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Twinkles, you didn't upset me.  As a Military wife, it is just frustrating to be stereotyped.  We might as well add: Uneducated, fat, lazy, gold-digging (trust me, there is no gold to be dug up in the Military) breeders who are unfaithful to their spouses @ every deployment.

Yes, I'm sure there are Military spouses who are addicted to prescriptions (as are many enlisted soldiers) - as there are many civilians who are equally addicted.  However to perpetuate a stereotype is unfair.  It is no different than suggesting that all Asians are horrible drivers or all Mexicans are manual labors ( which both are not true).

Or my favorite:  All overweight people are lazy & eat too much.

I may be more sensitive to the subject as I am pursuing a degree to become a Victim Advocate (Military Spouse advocate here on post) & face this type of generalization on a daily basis.  Also, my DH is deploying in a week for the 4Th time in recent years, to protect your right to vocalize your opinions.

Anywho, I didn't intend to hijack this thread & make this into a debate.  No worries & all that jazz. 

Have a great day

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 you have tri care right u dont have to stick with doc my husband was in for over 20 year miltary doc r a trip go and find yourself a diffrent one. Hope u fill better 

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OK. I may be one of the "stupid" people... but I would like to know why did you have RNY when you knew you had chronic condition controlled by NSAIDS and you would not be able to take them post op?

BTW: some people post op RNY take some prescription NSAIDS and acid reducer pills (2 x a day) to help with ulcers.   Not everyone post op RNY will get ulcers, and you do not need to take NSAIDS - to get ulcers post op RNY.

Doc may be worried you are a drug seeker. 

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Whoa!  Harsh, much?  Maybe she had other reasons for the RnY, or hoped the surgery would help with the chronic conditions.

I also had RnY even though Excedrin Migraine (plus Imitrex) was a godsend to me.  In my case the obesity may have been contributing to my chronic migraines, and it was worth it to me. Fortunately I was able to find a substitute med for the Excedrin (Fioricet) and I can still take Imitrex.

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