6.5 years post-op and checking in!

on 7/11/14 5:57 am - Baltimore, MD

Hey everyone,


The RNY forum was on my mind today so I decided to stop just thinking about the board and visit! I see many names I remember. The rest of you are like “who the hell is she?” Which is ok too!


I’m 6.5 years post-op now, obviously still involved in the community through Bariatric Foodie but working to re-lose some regain (it’s coming off…SLOWLY…but it’s coming off).


Over the past year I’ve really been focusing on what’s sustainable for me and what’s not. I’ve stopped doing forms of exercise I don’t like doing. These days I mostly do weight lifting, boot camp, spin and a little boxing. I’m kinda aggressive.


Not sure if I mentioned on my last check in I have a boyfriend now! We’ve been together about a year and some change. I think he may be the one but don’t tell him because I’m non-committal. My formerly-little divas aren’t so little anymore: my oldest daughter is 15.5, youngest is 12.


At any rate, it’s good to have this place as home base. I look forward to poking through some of the threads and contributing where I can!



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on 7/11/14 6:00 am - Near Media, Pa- South of Philly, NJ

I would also like to respond, but my alleged death is getting in the way.

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(plus Mons Lift and Upper Leg lift) / Hernia Repair
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on 7/11/14 6:00 am - Baltimore, MD

Go for a walk then you can be The Walking Dead :)

RNY Gastric Bypass 1-8-08 350/327/200 (HW/SW/CW). I spend most of my time playing with my food over at Bariatric Foodie - check me out!

Citizen Kim
on 7/11/14 6:09 am, edited 7/12/14 2:16 am - Castle Rock, CO

I thought I heard that ...  many people have the same names on here now.

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Citizen Kim
on 7/11/14 6:07 am, edited 7/11/14 6:24 am - Castle Rock, CO

Great to see you Nik, and glad all is well at home!  

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Pam T.
on 7/11/14 6:10 am - Saginaw, MI

Hi friend!

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on 7/11/14 6:15 am - Brighton, IL

Glad to see you back my dear.



Oxford Comma Hag
on 7/11/14 6:46 am

Hiya Nik!

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Amy R.
on 7/12/14 2:22 am

Really glad to hear that things are going well for you and the divas Nik.  Have to admit it was pretty awesome to log on and see you had started a thread!