The best NSV Ever!

Jenn S.
on 10/17/14 12:51 pm - Boise, ID
RNY on 06/16/14

I just had the best NSV ever and had to share.  My son and his Dad stopped by because my son forgot something here.  When he was leaving he gave me a big hug as always and then looked at me and said "OMG Mom, you are so skinny!" He noticed that his arms more than fit around me now.  He has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since surgery, always telling me how proud he is of what I've done.  I'm so lucky.  Yesterday was my 4 month surgiversary and I'm down 50 lbs.  I am so happy I made this life change.


on 10/17/14 1:56 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Very sweet....good kid. :)

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

Goal reached 17 months. 220lb Weight Loss
Plastic Surgery Dr. Joseph Michaels - LBL and Hernia Repair 2/29/16, Arm Lift, BL, 5/2/16, Leg Lift 7/25/16

#lifeisanadventure #fightthegoodfight #noregrets



on 10/18/14 3:27 am - Brighton, IL

Sounds like you raised a fine young man! Congratulations!



on 10/18/14 8:06 am - Kalamazoo, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

Way to go, you must be so happy.  Thanks for sharing


Stacy B.
on 10/18/14 9:45 am - Latty, OH

That is AWESOME!!! My son has always been my biggest supporter, and now he is 22 and I live for the day to be able to run with him, or just romp around with him as he likes. Good luck and Congrats!!!

MyLady Heidi
on 10/18/14 2:52 pm


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